Saturday, May 7, 2016



Hello to our new apple tree blossoms!! LOVE!

Hello to more warmer days, like yesterday

Hello to Kristin turning 27 this week, YAY!

Hello to graduation preping and excitment

Hello to Week in the Life next week, YAY

Hello to hoping to blog WITL

Hello to eating healthy again this week

Hello to filling out party invites

Hello to dress shopping

Hello to Mother's Day weekend fun

Hello to strawberry blossoms

Hello to Memorial Day picnic

Hello to last day of school

Hello to graduating!!

Hello to needing new glasses

Hello to my last quiet days of home

Hello to you again friends!!

Hello to my friend Nancy!

Hello to using my camera again

Hello May, please bring sun and joy

Thank you for the comments and visiting me again!! Made my day!
Slowly getting used to my camera again and blogging, YAY!!
Excited for WITL next week and hope to post some of it for you.
Happy weekend and National Scrapbook weekend to some of you!


  1. Looks like May is beautiful over there, thanks for the updates and hope to read more!

  2. Hi Dawn! Thank you so much for your wonderful visit to my blog! I love your gorgeous photo and am so happy that you are getting your camera out again! YAY! I love your hello messages, too! Yes, I hope that May brings some more sun. We had some yesterday, but expect more rain today. Have a great day, my friend! HUGS!!!