Thursday, June 28, 2012


Happy Thursday everyone!!! How is your week going, I'm not going even going to mention that something is flying by already ( I just want to freeze where we are RIGHT NOW) and just going to soak up what I can from these beautiful days home with the kids. I'm inspired by to do another RIGHT NOW look at our lives, especially since Tracey just did another cute one.

right now the kids are still singing their VBS songs around the house, LOOOOVE THIS
right now we had cool days this week that made me pull out my favorite jeans and slippers
right now today though we are going to be in the 90's  so shorts and tank tops
right now there is bits of RED/WHITE/BLUE around my house, LOOOOVE THIS
right now the kids have been watching Animal Planet show with newborn puppies, SOOO CUTE
right now Sam is obssessed with watching Steve Irwin on Animal Planet, I told him how sad it was when he died. When looking it up I was shocked to see it's been 6 years already. Sam loves him!
right now Renee is having her boyfriend over for a visit, I get to watch them like hawk, HAHA
right now Hannah Montana has been playing in our house, an oldie but goodie CD
right now we have stayed in the van to finish listening to our fave songs on the radio, LOVE THIS
right now I wish to be in Miami with Kristin, think she needs a BIG MOM HUG!! LOVE HER!
right now I am excited to go camping soon, can't wait to have fun outdoors
right now Sam has been going around making these loud bird sounds, not cute ones though
right now there is Rachael Ray meatloaf/smashed potatoes for me to eat at dinner, YUMMY
right now I'm praying and soooo happy that my cousin gets to pick up his adopted son next week
right now Renee has been talking with a french accent and is soooo cute
right now Summer has been saying the opposite of me and following me around, SO CUTE
right now I'm happy to have met a few new friends thru bloghopping and for a great chat with Stephanie whose blog I've been reading for a long time now.
right now Deborah has been inspiring me with her amazing poetry, love that she is sharing it!
right now I'm finding strength and patience in the morning sunrise, helps me get thru my days
right now I'm finding peace and calm at night with the sunset, perfect way to end the day
right now Rich's garden is doing great and we can't wait to eat the corn/cob when it comes
right now I am loving Sienna and Colt and their stages right now, DOUBLE CUTENESS!
right now I'm hoping to share my art with you tomorrow or next day.

RIGHT NOW I'M WISHING YOU ALL A SUPER DAY!!  Let me know if you decide to do a RIGHT NOW post so I can come read them, looove these!


  1. These "right nows" would make a great art journal theme! Very cool Dawn!!!

  2. You are so right Michelle, thanks for the idea. Glad you stopped by!!

  3. Oh sweetie, your right noes sound perfect! Why do boys always have to make such horrible're right, sometimes not so cute! Enjoy your time like you always do!

  4. I did mine!

  5. Another great, fun post Dawn! I love when you do these!