Thursday, June 7, 2012


Hello Project Life!!  I've had the pictures done all week just didn't have the journaling done. I have to admit some weeks are hard for me to know what/how to write because of having the collages with titles on them. In a way the title on them explains what it's about but sometimes I feel the need to explain more about it. I also kept as much red/white/blue as I could thru the pages to honor Memorial Day. The right side does have all green pictures but I couldn't help that part. Now for some close ups.
On the left side it's all about Memorial day and the night before it. Remember those red/white/blue hearts I made a few months ago, I pulled them out and added it in, LOVE THIS!!  As you can see I did do a journal card for each collage, it will be nice for the family to read this years from now. Looks like the date is missing on the date card, will have to add that in later.
Here is the RS, all full of green pictures. I love the one of Sam & Rich golfing, it's something they do thru the summer it always makes me smile. The collage in the upper right is all about my obsession with Michelle Obama and her new book "HOMEGROWN AMERICA" I want this book and would love to meet her one day and see her beautiful garden.  I loved that she was on the Rachael Ray show, she is another celebrity I hope to meet one day, LOVE HER!! So these two together on a show just made my day.  The bottom pictures are about FIELD DAY for Sam and niece Camryn. I am going to do a 8x10 collage of all that morning and add that in later, will post it for you to see also. It was a fun time, I even had to babysit so the little ones came along. Sam was sooooo excited about this big event, he is very much into sports and competition. They worked hard but came in last place.
The little woven rainbow piece is what Sam did in art class, isn't it cute. The best exciting news is Renee did awesome at her voice test and made it into a higher choir for next year YIPPPPEEEE!!
I have to share these pictures also. Look how BIG he is, look at that smile and cute cheeks. This little guy is melting my heart all over again. While I was recovering this little guy and his sister didn't come over for almost 3 weeks. Well I was worried that this cutie wouldn't be happy coming back to my house. He was hard to win over and thought I'd have to work hard to win him over again. Thank goodnees he came over and played with his toys, gave me hugs and smiled the whole time. He is now running and I missed that little span of him still learning to walk. He caught on pretty quick. So glad he's back and his big sister who I knew would be happy to see me again. She hasn't forgotten about art and is into making big swirly circles and coloring them in.                                               
We are on day 2 of summer break and it's going ok. The weather is slowly warming up each day and will be hot and in the 90's for Sun/Mon which will warm up the pools and make it more fun to swim in. Have a great weekend everyone and thanks for reading and all your sweet comments, I love them!


  1. I love that you got to use your red white and blue heart! How fun! And that woven rainbow is just the best! Great pages Dawn!

  2. Great to read this week's pages Dawn. Lot of outside fun is going on right? Love little Colt's pics. Congrats on Renee's achievement.

  3. super great pages... way to go for keeping up.... I am finding once/week on mon and tue.. works for me.. to catch up on the week before.. I make myself little notes in a little notebook ea day.. so when I sb, i'll remember about every day.. works for me! hugs xo happy friday to yoU!

  4. Great pages, glad to see you posted this week! Was starting to wonder where you had gone! Glad you're enjoying the first days of summer break, hope it warms up soon for you! I know we could certainly use a little warm up..and a lot less wind!! Keep up with the good work on your pages. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hi Dawn,
    Love your project life pages, they keep me inspired to keep going with mine. Little Cole certainly is getting bigger and what a cute smile.
    Sorry I haven't been popping in much, still have this dreaded cold/flu/sinus thingy, which can I just say I am sooooo over.
    Have been doing heaps of sewing, so close to getting my second quilt top finished. I am so keen to get these finished and in my house so I can snuggle under them.
    Hope everything is still going okay and that you are not over doing it yet.
    Love me :-)

  6. Thank you ladies for all your sweet comments and for visiting. Enjoy your week!

  7. Love how you include different textures and pieces of art. Your pages are so much fun to see when you get a chance to post them :)