Thursday, June 14, 2012

RIGHT NOW........ random post

HELLO SUMMER VACATION!!  It's been a week now since the kids have been home with me and things are going good so far. We've had some bumps but we've had good times also. This is going to be a random post about everything RIGHT NOW....

right now Rich comes home each day asking if I've sat and admired HIS growing garden, haha he's so funny. I say yes, of course dear, there's nothing I like better. I can stare at the sky and trees all day though but sorry not the garden.

right now Rich still watches me sleep and askes me a few times a day if I'm feeling ok and always has a hand on me or sits very close. I catch him watching me several times thru the weekend just to see how I am.  He's very helpful and encourages me to take naps. I still don't have my energy back 100% so naps every couple days helps. Makes my day the way he loves me and watches over me.

right now Rich loves loves his garden and is excited to see what will grow good and what won't. PLEASE PLEASE grow CORN we LOVE you!!

right now I'm still thinking of Kristin everyday and miss her!! LOVE YOU !!!

right now I'm enjoying the kids being home and no schedules and no packing lunches

right now there is some days I want the kids in school and I miss my quiet house and now I have to make lunches that will make all 3 of them happy. LOVE THESE KIDS!!

right now Sam has been doing art of some kind each day and I'm loving it, he can do such cool things when he slows down and creates. Wish he would more often.

right now Sam just finished bball camp and won 4 medals, hooray last time he didn't win any!!

right now Sam's hair is getting long and I like it long. it's also more blonde which I love also!!

right now I love seeing sam without his glasses, seeing that sweet boy face changing and growing, miss miss seeing it since his glasses hide that face.

right now sam and I are reading a cool book and we have been watching House Hunters, he's choice

right now Renee has had two days of babysitting. One day bad and one day good, hoping most of them end up being good ones.

right now Renee's hair is getting long and so pretty, she reminds me of her big sister Kristin!!

right now Renee loves reading all new books each day, she could lay in bed all day with a book

right now Summer has the most beautiful curls after a shower, soooo pretty her hair is, JEALOUS!!

right now Summer has been walking Lucky at night

right now Summer makes me laugh at least 20 times a day, can never remember what she said just that she's soooo funny. She gets it from her dad, the two of them can always make me laugh

right now Summer is excited about Book Buddies and can't wait for VBS to start

right now Summer wishes to swim everyday all day long thru the summer

right now there is always dishes in the sink
right now there is always shoes everywhere
right now there is always dirt/grass thru the house
right now there is crumbs on the counter, the table
right now there is books, hairbands, papers, shirts laying around the house
right now there is barely enough milk for dinner due to Summer's extreme thrirst for milk this week
right now there is laughter in my house daily
right now there is music and girls singing loudly in their room
right now there is an old barbie box being played with (ssshhh it's a secret)
right now there is brother and sisters reading together and getting along
right now there is brother/sister walks and talks with NO MOM ALLOWED
right now there is time in the car listening to Justin Bieber his old songs we don't like the new
right now there is also songs from ONE DIRECTION being played for Sam
right now there is 6 popicles eaten a day by Sam I can't stop him so I will stop buying them???
right now there is a new season of JANE BY DESIGN to watch with the girls
right now there is a lot of love in my heart each day and a new peace and happiness filling me up

RIGHT NOW is where I want to be!!
thanks for reading this if you made it thru, YIPPEEE my heart was full and I need to remember these things right now. I could have listed more but had to stop. Take care and enjoy your week.


  1. What a great post! All of this gives me a real good idea what your life is like this summer, and it all sounds pretty okay, pretty normal.

    Sending you peace and blessings!

    1. Hi Deb, thanks so much for this comment, made my day. Sending you peace and blessings also!!

  2. I loved reading your post.. you've inspired me!!!! So happy u are happy and yes, your hubby is a gem for watching over you like that... he loves you. And so do I. xo hugs GREAT POST!

    1. Hi Bonita, Thanks for the sweet comment and for your thoughtful email to cheer me up. It makes life easier if I stop and remember these little things. That's what it's all about. I did get lucky in the hubby dept. he's the best!! love ya!

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    1. Thanks Michelle for reading and commenting!! Happy Weekend!

  4. Right now this is the best thing I have read all day. I love your posts, they are so honest and real. I often find myself crying or laughing as I read and I thank you for writing in such a way that it feels so real. Man I am so glad I came across your blog and that we are blog buddies.
    Love me :-)

    1. Hi Tracey, I'm so glad this could make your day. I feel the same about your HELLO posts, lots of tears and laughs!!! Those are my favorite to read. Haha the crumbs and mess are so real my friend, I can barely keep it clean for an hour.
      So glad we are blog buddies also!! Take care!

  5. Dawn these posts are wonderful, enjoy your summer holidays with your children and ignore the crumbs, thanks for a great post.

    1. Hi Linda, I'm so thrilled you stopped by. Thank you for the nice comment, that's good advise to ignore the crumbs. I just want to enjoy being home with the kids now.
      Thanks again for reading!

  6. Dawn, sister dear of mine
    Boy you have really gone all out on your books, and detail, and words ... such a variety of subjects... very very good.. love it all especially lists. Ill look at book next time im over, cant read it on phone app.. so REST, take it easy !!!!! Love you, your favorite sis ann

  7. Great post my friend!! Loved getting a sneak peek in to your world of summer vacations & kids on break!! What a great idea to list off everything going on in your life! Thank you for your sweet comments on my blog, I'll definitely try to write more "currently" posts in the future! Hope you had a great weekend!

  8. I loved this random post Dawn. It is so similar to PL; just that one tells the story through pictures and the other through words.
    Have a great week.

  9. Right now I'm where I'm supposed to be - the mother and gma of this awesome family - right now I'm loving your lists!

  10. Love your post and how you're focusing on the "right now!" Thanks for the reminder to enjoy and be grateful for those moments!!

  11. I really love this post Dawn...such honesty and humour and reality! You've so wonderfully captured your every day, and have given us such a great snapshot of where you are "right now". Thank you :)