Saturday, July 21, 2012


We set off on our little vacation Weds. morning, 5 kids stuffed in the back with bags,coolers, stuffed animals ( yep, even Sam took 2 of them) ready for fun in the sun with lots of swimming!! Well the first hour and half there was great, I LOVE THE POOL AS MUCH AS THE KIDS DO!!  Then came the thunder, then the RAIN, then loud THUNDER and LOTS OF RAIN!!! The rest of the night was spent in our rooms, thankfully Heather brought games for us and we had snacks! The next day was our full day at Salt Fork and the weather went back and forth with rain/clouds and sun. We did get some swim time over here and there thru the day, more games and Heather and I relaxing on the big comfy couch in one of the many lounge areas. We got up early on Friday and came home, tired and happy and kinda wishing we could stay 2 more days. This is the only place away from home that I LOVE as much as my home, so peaceful and pretty and cozy. I thought I'd share some pictures for you,  wish I had more but happy with what I got.  Oh and there is lots of deer that live there, they are friendly and not afraid of the guests here, check it out!!  The first time we went here was right after Summer turned 1 and was just learning to walk, such a sweet time it was. This time though Summer turned 14 on the day we left,  I kept telling her about that first trip when she was just one. How fast time flies by,  so glad for these memories.
this pool was made for me, just LOVE IT
love all the windows to look out
these rockers are inside those big windows above
love love that they do this!!
we love the bunk beds
Sam and I took an early morning walk
lunch out on the picnic table, FUN!!!
here is Renee feeding bread to them

Hope you enjoyed the peek into our mini vacation, more pics to come later. I'm ordering these pictures tonight and going to have Project Life ready for Tuesday ( fingers crossed). Thank you for the sweet comments on my last post, LOVED THEM!! I had to come in and say HELLO AND MISS YOU!! Will see you again on Tuesday with 3 weeks worth of PL, HOORAY!! 


  1. These are great pics.. it sure looks like a beautiful place! Love that last deer pic.. that is so so precious! Can't wait to see your PL pages this week! I"m happy u are back.. I sure missed you !!! xo

  2. Looks like a beautiful vacation spot!! Very happy for you guys, you deserve it!!

  3. Glad u guys had fun.. good thing heather brought all that food(cheaper)....

  4. It's good to see you back Dawn. It seems you had a wonderful time. From the pictures it seems to be not crowded. I hate to go to places that are crowded with tourists. Prefer such quiet, scenic spots for vacations

  5. Oh my - looks like a lot of fun - love the rocking chairs - that's where I'd be with a good book and a cup of coffee - haha - nice pictures - love mom.