Sunday, July 8, 2012


This is Summer's flag, we all started making some art early on 4th of July, since I made a flag she wanted to also. Thankfully she kept going on it even though her lines messed up, to me this is beautiful. Love when my kids will sit and create when I am.
love all of this!!
Her birthday is coming up soon

                                               I LOVE LOVE THIS ONE!!
This one is so sweet also, her little birds are cute!

These are just some of Summer's artwork, there's about 10 more pages but that's to many to post, I picked my favorites. Next up will be Renee's which I will show in a couple days. She doesn't have as much, most of her time is spent babysitting, hanging in her room on days' off and spending time with her boyfriend. She is almost done with her babysitting job so hopefully we will see more art from her.

In case you missed my previous post, please check it out to see Sam's artwork and to see the news about CHRISTMAS IN JULY, soooo exciting this is. Would love for some of my readers to jump in with me and have this month spreading some MERRY !!
I will be late on PL this week, we went camping yesterday and haven't uploaded any pictures from the week, kinda knew it would be late this week, not worried though. Have other fun posts planned instead. Our camping trip got cut a little short due to weather, Rich's cold, the crazy kids, so we finally caved in at midnight and drove home, got lost on way home to add extra drama to the trip.
Hope all of you are enjoying your weekend. I have lots of chores to do today and unpacking from camping, always fun right??!!  Thanks for visiting and for the AWESOME comments on Sam's artwork, he is soooo happy to see them. Stay cool or warm depending on where you live!!


  1. Both Summer and Sam are very creative! They must take after their mom, right? Beautiful work from both of them!

    1. Thanks Michelle, they have freedom when drawing, no worries like I do, hope it stays this way for them. Thanks for visiting.

  2. Love seeing all their creative stuff, just love it. Josh has been struggling with writing this year so over the holidays he has to practice. I suggested that he write some of my blog posts for me so we will see how we go.
    Sorry to hear about your camping trip, I hope there was some fun moments though. the thing with camping too , is each time you go you get better at it. Hope you try again.
    Love me :-)
    PS Yes please post that photo, I think I will probably post on Wednesday, fingers crossed.

    1. Thanks Tracey, glad you had time to visit. Sam still struggles with writing to,he's a lefty with a crooked thumb and hates to hold the pencil the right way. How fun for Josh to help on your blog. I will post on Wednesday to then.
      We will try camping again, maybe in August.

  3. Love Summer's artwork Dawn. I love her beach sketch so much.It seems you are having a terrific time camping, celebrating Christmas in July and so many fun things. Wishing you a great week dear friend

  4. WOWW!. Summer is SO talented!!. The art work is fabulous, I like the kink lines on the flag the BEST. LOVE the happy names on it, Summer, Rose & Miller. You know some of these pieces can be turned into wearable arts, print them on canvas or white tees, or make shopping totes!!. Bravo.

  5. Its okay. I have to skip project life this week too. Love those overlapping hearts and stars the most. It is so nice when kids get enough focus to sit that long with a project.