Sunday, July 15, 2012


                                                 these 3 on the merry-go-round
                                             everything about him, just want to bottle it up
She grew AGAIN!! STOP THAT!!
she loves him almost as much as me, ALMOST!
it's blurry and I missed him, but this day I won't forget
riding his scooter in the village, HAPPY & FREE
Rich's new sunflowers, a different kind
love their color, this is for you Deb
more later on it
the sun shining thru the trees, so peaceful
camping!! ( still need to post about it,sorry)
my own flag that I painted on a block of wood
more to come on this also
a sneek peak on something new I'm working on !

So there's my little bit of happiness and blessings this week, hope they spread happiness to your home also.  This has been a busy week and this week will be busy also. So my PL post will be late again, just got the pictures tonight and have no time tomorrow or Tuesday to get them. Will hopefully post 2or 3 weeks on the following Tuesday or sooner. I'm behind on some posts to share with you all, almost did one on the camping but am counting my blessings today and wanted to share that instead.

The kids and I are going on a mini vacation with my sister and nieces for the last half of this week, that's why I'm busy. When I get back it's SUMMER'S 14TH BIRTHDAY!!  Don't even want to go there, NOT GOING TO,LOL!!  So we will be busy with her and MISS.SIENNA'S birthday is on Sat. so busy, busy time for us.  With that in mind I'm taking a blogging break this week and except for the PL posts if I get them done next week will be quiet for me also. The summer is slipping away from me and the kids, I want to make each minute count right now so I'm trading in my blogging/blog visiting to HAVE FUN AND SOAK UP THESE SUMMER DAYS WITH MY KIDS!!
Take care and hugs for all of you, will be hard to do this, I just love blog reading. Enjoy your days and send some happy wishes my way, I will need them. Thanks ladies you are the best!


  1. OMG I miss you already. What a lovely post and yes it put alot of happiness in my home. always love reading your blog so its going to leave a huge hole.
    Pray hard and keep everything crossed, I have entered a competition for a holiday to America, wahooo wouldn't that be so cool.
    Love me :-)

  2. I am gonna miss you.. but time w those u love always comes first. Always. Enjoy your time together.. make some happy memories... I can't wait to hear all about it later.. u will owe me one long email.. LOL
    Love to you! xo

  3. have a beautiful family!. Take a good rest and enjoy summer!. Sending you love & joy your way :). HUGS.

  4. Hi Dawn! Remember me?! I am soo behind on everything but for a good reason....summer!

    Your blessings are all beautiful! Love all of them especially your flag.

    I hope you are having a fabulous vacation! Can't wait to hear all about it. I am going to read some more of your posts now and get caught up!

  5. Such great pictures, Dawn!! You have such a beautiful family...looks like you all have the best times together...making lots of fun memories!! :) I love those sunflowers!! And, your cute flag art...beautiful!! Hope y'all have tons of fun on your vacay!! And, yes, you are so right...the summer is whizzing by so here's hoping you and your family have the best time enjoying the sunshine and lots of great moments together!! Hugs!!

  6. Well yes summer flying by.... i love that subflower colors!!