Saturday, February 2, 2013


It's official now, Colt is 2, how did this happen?? I keep thinking he should be one again, this year has flown by. No longer a baby but headed right into toddlerhood and hopefully not the terrible two's. This boy makes me smile and see JOY in the everyday. It's no secret that having another boy in the family and in my house part time is the BEST THING EVER!! A BOY, now I can do all those fun boy things that I did with Sam. Colt is so different from his sister, he plays different, smiles more (even to himself when playing) expresses with his eyes and hands ( he loves hands) so this turning two is a bit had to take. I soak him up while Sienna is at school since I know he will be going there soon and he's the last baby coming this way. So here's a little recap of his birthday that he shares with his newly adopted cousin John. I can't say enough how awesome it was to see these two together and how cute and funny they are. So glad they have each other and Sienna tries to take care of them and loves them both. I'm thankful that Keith and Liz could adopt this sweet boy and know he's a part of the family. I just have to say it, A BOY A BOY for us to love and see grow up. Hope you enjoy these pictures and the love that is in my family amazes me and fills my heart with love and gratitude for them. The lighting was kinda bad but these pictures still melt my heart.
Thank you Sonja for a wonderful birthday night filled with laughs, few tears, fun, FOOD and FAMILY! Colt wouldn't pose for any picutres, John was always running around and couldn't find him, John loved blowing out the candles, Colt not so much. Sienna and Sam ran and played the whole time. I had a great talk with Ingrid Jill and exchanged numbers so I can send her pictures of her beautiful niece&nephew. The video of pictures playing was the HIGHLIGHT of the night too (LOVE THIS) and I already know what next years present is going to be Sonja, wish I had thought of it this year. Happy Birthday Colt and John!! In one week we will be celebrating Renee's 16th birthday, where did the time go for this one. She is my BIRTHDAY QUEEN, always loves this day and parties in general. SOOOOOO excited for her and for me. Thanks for reading if you made it thru. Happy Weekend!


  1. Oh it looks so much fun. How happy the boys looked and its great that all the family gets together.

  2. Such cute photos, and I love your expressive story too!

  3. Hi, Dawn. Oh my Colt is getting big too fast :). But, I'm glad he has now a good friend to play, you know...boys. This is a happy night indeed :).

  4. Great pictures of your close family. My son too will turn 2 next month. Time just flies

  5. Awwwww Dawn! 2 is such a fun age! His party looks amazing and I can see why you couldn't wait to share the pictures!!!! Thanks for visiting my blog, too!