Friday, February 8, 2013


Hello PROJECT LIFE WEEK 5!! I'm sooooo excited about this week's pages. As you can see it's all about TAGS, LOTS OF TAGS!! This week's pages went in a few different directions before coming to this one. I was inspired by Laura Vegas, she did a cute page about her daughters crazy schedule durin an INSANE week of activities. I loved it so much and thought I'd do a spread about all that I do in a week. In the middle of this Ali Edwards announces her idea of "A Day in the Life" for the last day of the month. This made me switch gears and show it as a normal week for the whole family and Sam getting the flu in the middle of this too. What a crazy week it was but a good one for us to remember. I decided to go with the tags for the week except for Thursday "DITL" I included all those on the right side and on the back of that one. Was waiting for Ali to share her pages about this day and when she didn't just did my own thing. I almost put tags on the right side too, was going to do every other pocket with a tag but then decided to go for it with just photos. I also wrote on the pictures so I wouldn't have to use up pockets with journaling. My other thought is to just do a big collage on this last day every month, Ali's plan is to do this every month for the last day. At least I have a month to think about it and decide what works best. Ok so here is the full spread, now for closeups...
Here is the right page that started it all. I loved making these tags, they fit into the pockets so well. So like I said this was inspired by Laura, you can find her at and her use on a Project Life page Protector and some fancy die cuts and typing. She didn't use tags but used cardstock she had which looks great too, they were creamy and that is how I thought of the tags. The best part is I added some tags together to make more room for pictures and jouraling, LOOOOVE THIS!! I used an old paperline from Simple Stories for some of the word strips and the little alphas for the days of week on each tag. Thought the page needed a couple photos on their own too and love these two I picked out. I hope your loving these tags too, can't say enough how easy and fun this was for me.
Here's the first double tag I made, aren't those "2" so cute. This is for the day of Colt and John's bday party. It was hard to pick just one photo and so I came up with this idea. Using just a little bit of paper tape to put two cards together and the top tag stays out of the pocket so it's a flip card one.
Here is the inside, 3 more photos to enjoy!! The little "awesome" tag is from dear friend Linda who mailed me some diecuts to use in my Project Life, thanks again Linda. You can see more of the die cuts on the other tags as well. So thankful and excited she did this for me. On the back of these tags I added my journaling about the party. LOVE LOVE this so much and will be doing it again. Here are two more times I did this double tag idea.
There you have it, a little more room for photos and jouranling. Now on to the right page, A DAY IN THE LIFE....
I thought starting it off with the daily tag like the other side is was fitting. On the back of it I wrote down what this day meant and what it was about. I've done this kinda DITL before and have hundreds of photos but not this time, not sure why. Some of the photos i took didn't work for this small pocket size and some just didn't come out good. Here are the best ones for this day and what tells our story the best. Not sure I like the writing on the photos now that I'm looking at it, probably won't do this again.
Here is the back page with more photos of our day and I ended it with a tag at the bottom. I added an insert here for the daily sheets that Ali provides us to use for writing down the notes/stories/prompts for this day. I love these sheets and they are a big help. Here is a closeup of them...
Finally glad to have this week posted and done! I'm starting on this week already and using pinks/reds/white to celebrate a month of LOVE/Valentines and a new idea that will be included in my weekly pages. Have a great weekend everyone, if you have questions let me know. Take a look at Laura's awesome page too please, you will have to scroll down a bit but it's labled as the INSANE WEEK, you can't miss it. Thanks Laura for the inspiration this week.


  1. Oh 3d tags. I love this idea, will have to copy it. Dawn I love the writing on the photos they look good and I also really love,heart,love your hanging hearts.
    Ps give the birthday girl some hugs from us Aussies, I hope she has a wonderful day.

  2. The tags idea is amazing, love how you could both journal on the front and hide photos at the back :). I guess you could do vice versa too. I LOVE this peek-a-boo technique. Oh, I think cutting up dinner packages and add in the sleeves is awesome!!! :). Your PL is becoming like a diary now, which is fun. And 'Good Bye January' makes me smile :). I LOVE this week!!!. HUGS.

  3. Wow! You are trying new ideas on your PL and I love it. The double tag idea is awesome. I love love the paper hearts.I've always loved the concept of A Day in ... Hope I'll get a new camera soon so that I can take tons and tons of photos.

  4. Dawn, could you email me at marit[at]maritspaperworld[dot]com please?

  5. Oh my goodness, Dawn! I really like what you did with project life this week! Awesome and amazing pages. I love all of your little details, especially the tags with the washi tape! Great idea! And yes, please wish your Sweet 16-er a very happy birthday from us!

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  7. Thanks ladies for the wonderful comments!!

  8. you are doing so great.. I love all your pages.. and love how u are doing it this year! xo

  9. Hi my friend
    Loved stopping in quickly and seeing your PL pages - I am so far behind already with everything going on - can't wait to get home to the farm, get back to some sort of normalcy and get in to my studio to catch up on these last few weeks of life. Beautiful pages - keep it coming!!

  10. What a fun post! Filled with so much goodness! I love your tags - especially the flip up part - great way to get more room on your page! I like the writing on your photos - its fun! Glad to see you doing a day in the life - it looks awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Dawn, those flip-up tags are genius! What a great way to include more stuff! Your collage of 2s is also a great feature of this are rocking this new size!