Sunday, September 7, 2014

Monday Mandala, T Day and back to school

Hello and Happy T Day! I am sharing our first day of school pictures from 3 weeks ago, time is flying already. I was waiting to get a good one of Summer before I could share though, she started school later then these guys. Notice my nieces in the middle, nice to have them here in the mornings again. They all look so tall to me, Sam has now passed me and Ryan is the only other one left to pass me. I have to admit these are the worst first day pictures ever, no one wanted them and the sun was bothering them and they were not happy about it. So far it's been a good 3 weeks.
Here she is, look at her cute uniform for cosmetology class and a name badge too. Her first project was French braiding, she got it after about 50 tries, YAY SUMMER!! She has started on hand/arm massages and scalp ones too. Next up this week is shampoo washing, think I will go in as a volunteer, love having my hair washed. They also had to pass a 100 point safety test before starting and label every little/tiny/micro size item in their beauty kits. Lots of work before they got to play.
I LOVE THIS ONE! Here is Summer's new friend, a head piece to practice on, named Tiffany. They have to give them names and talk to them like you would with a client. Every week they have to change their names since you have so many names you hear all day and don't want to get to attached to just one, lol.  Anyhow I had helped hold "tiffany" several times and had chores to do so Sam said he would take over. Everyone but me is freaked out by Tiffany but I like her.
I made a quick red/white/blue Mandala for Labor Day, some are plastic and some are real
Here is the birthday card my mom made for me last month. I couldn't wait to share it since it goes with the reason why we share on Tuesday's. But first, see all those little hearts, my mom made them and tucked them into the pocket on the front of the card. These are little ideas we can go do together when we have time. Isn't that the sweetest and she knows I love these colors together too. The envelope was homemade also, she's a woman of many crafty talents. Next is the back of the card..
A pretty little teapot!! Perfect for my mug/cup/ teapot choice for today with Elizabeth and gang this week. Can't wait to catch up with everyone, missed you last week.
The weather has been so hot, had the a/c on most of the week and then Saturday we woke up and needed jeans and a jacket for Sam's first soccer game. CRAZY!! This week looks like normal temps, just right for more soccer days and my walks at the track.
For those of you who read the bible and want a way to combine reading it and doing art with it please read my post below. If you've never read the bible feel free to read it also, might interest you.
Thank you for your visits and comments, love them all. Happy T Day!


  1. Wonderful updates Dawn, love your labor day Mandala and the sweet birthday card for your mom!

  2. What a happy family post - a wonderful , great card for your mum and your labor day Mandala is just beautiful!
    Happy T-Day!

  3. I had intended to get by sooner, but for the first time in nearly two weeks, I got to sleep early (early meaning before 2 am when I'm supposed to post my daily painting). But I'm awake now and had a good four hours sleep.

    It was so good to catch up on what is going on in your life. Really enjoyed the update on Summer and Tiffany.

    The mandala is beautiful, and I adore that card your mother made you. She really IS talented.

    So glad you joined us for T this week.

  4. I love that teapot, with the steam pouring out of the spout. The weather here is hotter than usual for this time of year, but we're expecting a cooling down at the end of the week. We just all need to keep jackets handy, I guess, for this changing weather.

  5. Sweet Mom you have making such a precious card for are lucky to have her and she you.
    I remember what an adjustment it was with school being back in session...hope things continue to go well and what fun your daughter is having (Tiffany made me smile!).
    Lovely mandala you made too!
    Wishing you and yours a very Happy T Day

  6. Love your Labor Day mandala! How lucky to be able to volunteer to get your hair done, etc.. I used to have a doll head as a kid that I could style and do hair on-alas, that ended when I cut her hair too short to do anything more with it:) What a special and precious card from your mom-very touching. Happy T day!

  7. Beautiful family photos and well done on the budding beautician. (Fab tans everyone has btw) and what a lovely card from your mum. The teapot is so sweet on the back. Happy T Day :D

  8. Hi Dawn, thanks for sharing an update on your family growth and lives. Looking back now, I think I might have enjoyed cosmetology school! Happy T-day!

  9. Beautiful post Dawn.
    LOVE the card your Mom made for you, how great she put a tea pot on the back!
    Happy T-day

  10. a really fun post...I think maybe 'Tiffany' would freak me out too, but definitely a good idea for practice. :) love the gorgeous card your mom made-it's beautiful! hope your kids have a great year!

  11. Love the tea pot card. Someday everyone will be glad for the first day photos!

  12. You are so lucky to have such a crafty Mom, and what a beautiful card she made for you! I think Summer looks so cute, but she may just have her hands full with "Tiffany"! Happy T Day!

  13. So true Dawn, the kids have all grown so tall. Tiffany's face is so pretty. Best Wishes to Summer with her new course. It really sounds interesting. The birthday card by your Mom looks beautiful. Here it has started getting cold. Hope we get to enjoy good weather for some more time.
    Have a wonderful week.

  14. Nice to see your family. I really like the card your Mother made for you and the teapot is perfect for T Tuesday.


  15. I came back because I saw the question you asked about my paintings, and got caught up looking at everything you accomplished in your garden this year. I grew bell peppers ONE year that turned out great. After that, I haven't had a single one. And this year, the plant died before any blooms came on. But, like you, I got TONS of tomatoes from two plants. Sad to see both our gardens dying. Your sunflowers are beautiful, though.

    Now, to answer your question about my paintings. No, these will NOT go in a book. They are meant to be hung on the wall and can be mounted and framed. I plan to give a few of the better ones as Christmas gifts. More than likely, I won't have the money to frame them, but hopefully the recipients will.

  16. I'm so ready for jeans and jacket weather!! Woohoo Bring on Fall!! Hugs! deb

  17. Happy belated first day of school, Dawn! And I absolutely love the beautiful card your mom made for your birthday. So touching and pretty! And your mandala is so pretty, too! Thank you for sharing your joy and happiness with all of us!!!