Thursday, September 4, 2014

Some gardening and bible art

Hello and Happy September! Sorry I'm a little late in posting this week, totally missed T Time Tuesday. We had a long great holiday weekend, couldn't ask for better weather or time together. It was hard on all of us to get back on track again and can't wait for Friday to come.
Was lucky to catch this sunrise last week. I had the blinds closed all day to keep the hot sun out and thankfully opened them that night to see this beautiful sky. Love ending the day like this. We've actually had the a/c on a few times over this past week and probably will again today and tomorrow. Seems the summer weather we wanted before school started is here now, a little too late.
The garden is doing great, lots of tomatoes this year. Can't even keep up on them and tired of picking them too. Rich is sad we didn't get much corn this year, the wind and rain were too hard for it. Hoping next year will be better as it's his favorite. Each year it's a surprise as to what will do well.
The sunflowers took over the garden and got crazy again this summer. On the right is the tallest one and one of the last to finally open. We haven't measured it yet but looks taller then the one from last year. The sunflowers are just now slowing wilting and falling apart, sad when this happens.
I have something new to share with you. I will share more on Tuesday but here is a peek for now.
This is a new journaling bible I got as a gift from my dear friend Bonita for my birthday. We both just discovered others using them the week before my birthday and loved this idea. I was so surprised and HAPPY to receive this wonderful gift.
The bibles are made with wide margins for more writing or as a way for us artists to combine art and reading scriptures. This group has taken off so fast and amazing me with their talents and thoughts and more. The lady who started this is Shanna Noel and she has more info on her blog if you'd like to visit and see. The bibles are found at Amazon and some Christian book stores.
I found out about this through Instagram on my phone and Shanna invites everyone interested to her private FB group for more fun. She didn't think many people would take to this new way of learning scriptures/verses/quiet time and couldn't believe when she had 500 followers in the first week and I'm thrilled to say it's over a thousand now and going strong. Some of these followers haven't touched a bible in years or weren't sure how to make time for their bibles due to being busy and having other art interests. So this is the best of both worlds for them and they are loving it and sharing pages almost daily. This was my first page and it's my favorite verse, no big surprise it's about being thankful and thanking God in all we do. I truly believe in this and live this way each day, waking up thankful and ending each night thanking him for all I was blessed with that day, good or bad I'm still thankful.
Click on the image if you need to see better. I'm going through and doing some of my most favorite and ones I've learned from verses to do and will go from there.
here is the second page I did, it's Kristin and many others in my family favorite verse. I am trying to let loose and have fun and not stress about the pages. It's about what's in my heart and what do I want to remember from the verse and how does it effect me. Again, click on it to see better. Some of the others have been painting on theirs and really go all out on the whole page, it's beautiful. I am always the simple kind of girl I guess and as long as the words/thoughts are there I'm good.
Check out Shanna Noel's blog though if you are interested in learning more and you can ask me questions here if you'd like too. Will share more of my pages next week.
On other news, I got the fall decorations out last night and will start on that today, YAY! I have been walking almost daily and using a exercise tape too, feels good to move again after the summer. My dad is doing well, slowly getting his energy back. Sienna and Colt doing good in their new grades and only here for short days now, I'm more sad about that then them. I am ready to dive into old classes to redo and relearn some things and I just won two classes this past week at Big Picture Classes, YIPPPEE!! love when that happens.
So glad to be here and sharing with you, will be back for T time next week. Have a great week and thanks so much for your visits and comments that make my day.


  1. Those veggies look wonderful Dawn. You are so lucky to cultivate your own vegetables when there is so much of poisoning in veggies that we buy from outside.
    Your new Bible Art project looks wonderful. Congrats on winning 2 classes. I'm so happy to hear that. You will be very busy with all those in the coming months I guess.
    Thank you for your comment on my post. I'm trying to do both the projects. Hope to complete it.
    Here also it is very hot and humid. Hope to see and get inspired by Fall soon.
    Take Care

  2. Hi Dawn! I absolutely love your photos! Your sunrise is simply gorgeous, and your veggies look amazing, beautiful, and healthy. I also love the shot of your sunflowers. We actually planted sunflowers this year for the first time. It took them forever to grow(maybe because of the strange summer weather we had this year?), but now they are finally up and blooming!! YAY! They are one of my favorite flowers (along with daises!) I hope your dad feels better soon. It must be so hard for him not to golf right now. I will keep him in my prayers.
    Also, I love, LOVE your Bible art and think it is a wonderful way to use spirituality and art together. Your faith in God is amazing, my friend! With God, all things are possible. Take care, enjoy the rest of your Sunday, and stay healthy. HUGS!!!!! (Looking forward to The Middle starting again, too!)

  3. Nice shot for the sunrise, I will never catch them as I am an night owl and get up late, LOL! All the garden harvest, oh my... lucky you!