Thursday, September 11, 2014


Hello and welcome to my Project Life catch up post, YAY! I haven't shared PL in over 2 months, that is so crazy. I know the computer not working is part of that and the other part is my not being on the computer much anymore. I have been stuffing pictures in the pockets when I can all summer and that's it, just didn't feel like journaling again, not sure why this keeps happening this year. Anyhow, this is what my table has looked like for a few days now, PL on one side and all my other creative outlets on the other side. I have snuck fall goodies in here but want to clean up the table so you can see only fall on it. I've been lucky to get some PL goodies from my dear friend Nancy who spoils me and my secret pal at church and a friend on IG who saw some on sale at Hobby Lobby and sent me several new theme packs. So blessed and inspired by all these new goodies to play with.
So here goes some pages for you, click on the images to see better. It wasn't very light out when I took these so hoping they aren't to bad for you. I have more done that I will share later, didn't want to do too many in one post. Thanks Nancy for nudging me to get these done and posted!
Here is the start of June, sorry for the glare. We had last day of school fun and out oor DQ treats.
I meant to show you this one first, it's my into page for June. My plan was to use summer colors and fun but for some reason kept being pulled into these tans and blues.
more June fun
More June, make sure to read these if you can. Good stuff here, sigh.
here is my intro for July on the left side and the 4th of July on the right. I hope it shows these cards as white on your screen because on mine they are cream. Everyone knows I love red/white/blue !
I have most of July done, just journaling on one page and not sure how to fit it in. August needs journaling a bit and September is coming along well for the first couple weeks. These pages will show my new goodies, YAY!!
Thank you for visiting and hope you enjoyed them. My heart is with those from 9-11-01 today, hugs and prayers go out to all the families affected by this first hand and even for those like me who didn't have someone there but still feel a big loss in their hearts for those that passed. So sad.
I will see you Monday/Tuesday for my mandala and T post. Have a good weekend.


  1. Dear Dawn it is so good to see your PL pictures again. The June pages are my favorite as they look so cheerful and bright. I still like your table withh all the art and PL supplies. There is still some order to it. You should see mine, it isin such a bad state-:(
    Have a lovely weekend my friend

  2. Hi Dawn! I am so happy to see your PL pages again! they are so wonderful! Like I have said before, I have never tried PL, and am so in awe of those that do! Like YOU!!!! And I said a prayer for all of those that were affected by 9/11. May we never forget . . .
    And I want to let you know that I have been praying for Kristen and her sprained ankle. I hope that she is healing nicely.
    Take care, my sweet friend. HUGS!!!!

  3. Beautiful spread!! WOW!! Sorry to hear about Kristen, wishing her speedy recovery!!!!

  4. Sorry I have taken so long to get here. I've been gone most of this weekend, and just haven't been able to take time to be on the computer. I'm so glad to see all these pages. Even though I don't scrapbook, I appreciate seeing all the PL pages you make. I love the July pages, because they are so patriotic.

    Sorry to read about Kristen. I hope this finds her better by now.. Sometimes a sprain can be worse than a break, and takes just as long to heal.

    I hope you had a good weekend. I look forward to seeing what you have planned for your mandala and tea this week.