Saturday, July 25, 2015


Around here Sienna turns 7 today, YAY!!
Around here we are going to a wedding today, YAY!!
Around here Renee is working at Giant Eagle now
Around here Summer just finished interning at a salon for 150 hours!!
Around here I just watched Blindside for the first time and loved it,
my mom came over and watched with me and Summer
Around here we went to Salt Fork Lodge and had a great time
Around here there are 3 weeks till school, yuck!!
Around here it's been warm and gorgeous
Around here we've been lazy and soaking up the sun
Around here there are lots of prayers for my ex step dad,
he has pancreas cancer. Cancer sucks!
Around here we will have a girls day with mom, YAY
Around here we got our first tomatoes and zucchini
Around here it's been a better summer then I thought it would be
Around here I'm missing Disney and want to go again
Around here not much art has been made or PL, sigh
Around here Summer turned 17, YAY!!
Around here things are good, thankful and blessed!
Will come around next week with some pictures from our weekend away and my calendar art.
Take care and happy weekend!!


  1. Happy Birthday to Sienna and Summer, what a fun-filled month you have there!

  2. I love your around here post, Dawn! Happy birthday do Sienna and Summer! Time flies! And I will keep your ex step dad in my prayers. We loved the Blindside, too! I hope you had a wonderful time at the wedding. And Katie returns home from her internship in California on Sat - we cannot wait!!! Yay! Hugs to you, my friend!

  3. Great to know what is happening around there with you Dawn. Just now saw your IG post. Hope things will get better soon. Remembering you in prayers

  4. I'm a bit late visiting your "around here" post, but always enjoy catching up with you. Happy belated birthday to both Sienna and Summer. Gosh they grow up fast.

    Really missed you for SOC this year, and wished you had been able to play.

    Glad for the most part you had a good summer and the camping looked like fun, although I'm not much for camping since I always get eaten alive by mosquitoes, no matter how much protection I use.

    It's great to read your garden is doing well. Mine has been lousy. My ONE tomato plant died a few days after I planted it, and my herbs are not doing well at all. I am really disappointed, but I blame it on the rain. July gave us the most rain ever recorded. Heard that this morning on the tv.

    Good for Summer and her completing her interning. I bet you are happy to have her to give you hair cuts and such now.

    Hope all is well and your ex step dad is better. We sure miss you when you're gone!