Saturday, July 11, 2015

Fun with Turquoise Ave and #hashtagweek

Hello, sorry it's been so long since I've posted, busy enjoying the summer and having a slow computer keeps me from posting weekly. I'm excited to be sharing today that I'm a guest host at this week in her fun #hashtagthisweek weekly prompt project. Each Sunday she shares a new photo/story prompt to use in any way we want. I love to use these prompts to give me ideas of stories I wouldn't think of and for ones to use in my Project Life. 
Mandy, the pretty face and sweet heart behind this idea asked me several weeks ago if I'd like to be a guest and to choose a prompt that I'd like. She didn't know this but I had been thinking of some ideas and was going to write asking if I could join in the fun sometime. Love when things happens this way, right!  I had a few ideas and decided on one that I've used before and enjoyed, counting things in our daily lives, keeping track of the daily routine activities and things that we may not think about but tells a story in its number. Doesn't have to be big, I personally like the smaller stories.
One of my very favorites is the shoe shots that I take,  they can be done in any season and anywhere and tell a story of who was there and where you were and what was going on and especially the growth of those in the pictures. The one above is a favorite because it's the little ones I babysit for and thankfully put up with and enjoy taking shoe shots with me. What once started as just one little one in my shoe shots are now two little ones. Their feet have grown and the shoes have changed many times and show their favorite colors at the time or personal style. Imagine in 6 years what this shot will look like, if they will even let me still do these shots then.
I also love taking these kinds of pictures because not everyone wants their pictures taken at the times I want to take them. My teens want their hair and clothes to be perfect or they aren't in the mood or people might be watching. I can usually coax them into taking a shoe shot really quick though and so my story can be told. I also like doing my own shoe shots too, my favorites are in the first snow of the year and the first pile of leaves or in the garden. This way my story is getting told, it's not just about the kids, make sure you are a part of the stories you tell too. If you have furry friends add them in the photos as well. Anything goes, make it fun.
This is just one of the ways I keep track of the stories in my life, to see more of them head over to Mandy's blog and check them out. Hope you will join in the fun with me this week as we document our lives in numbers.
Thank you Mandy so much for asking me to be a guest this week. Hope to join in again!
Thanks for reading and have a  great week.


  1. Mandy will have my post up on Sunday July 11, I had to post mine early because we are going camping. So come back to check it out. Thanks!

  2. Congrats on being guest host. Love the shoes and the way you have photographed them. Very, very clever.

    You deserve to be a guest host. And you did an excellent job with the prompt, too.

    Have fun on your camping trip.

  3. Hi Dawn! I am so happy for you that you are a guest host! You post is amazing and I love, LOVe what you did with it. I always love seeing your shoe shots and get inspired to take them of mine when I see yours! And your writing really made me smile! You bring happiness into all of our lives, my friend! I hope you have a wonderful camping trip and cannot wait to hear all about it when you get back! HUGS!!!