Monday, November 2, 2015

T stands for a Trip to Amish country

Hello and Happy T Day! As you know Elizabeth has some help in running her blog, her two cats help out. So I was happy to see this cute cat creamer on a visit to an Amish store, this is also my beverage/cup share for this post.  They had other cute ones as you can see the elephant too, but it was hard to get pictures and the glare from the window didn't help either.
Rich and I went to this cute little store two weeks ago and I loved it. The drive there was full of fall goodness out our windows too. I love seeing the Amish houses too, it must have been laundry day because all the houses had rows and rows of laundry hanging out to dry. Kids were raking leaves and the men were working on the farm or the gardens. Driving along with a horse and buggy beside you is fun too. I had never been here before but Rich and taken the kids one day and finally I got to go and see it.  It was a Saturday so a big crowd of people were there making it hard to get pictures, did the best I could and then just enjoyed walking and looking at all the fun stuff they had.
They had tons of sample goodies for you to try, not sure if it's everyday or just the weekends. I tried a bit of everything and bought some of my favorites to bring home and enjoy more of. The dip you see here is garlic and herb, the other one in the package is a pumpkin spice one, both were so good. They served everything with these crackers so I bought them too along with homemade black raspberry jam, YUM!!  Rich tried a hot pepper dip that was way hotter then expected, lol.
They also had a little counter to order some food to eat there or take with you. A little band was in the corner playing music too, really made the place feel cozy and fun at the same time. The drive home was just as nice and went by quick since I closed my eyes and napped, lol. 
I wanted to say thank you for the wonderful sweet comments on my last T post. I love whenever I can make a mandala to share. Also, if you like my HELLO posts for each month, my November one is below. I will be gone the next two weekends in a row for retreats, so no T posts till the 3rd week if I can squeeze it in. 
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us again!  Have a great week T friends!


  1. Sounds like a wonderful place you visited. The little cat creamers are really cute. The food on sale made me mouth water, I think I need to get my meal ready! Have a great week and happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Hi Dawn! Looks like such a wonderful day! I love the photos that you took and your amazing descriptions! Yes, I agree with Valerie - I feel hungry now! LOL!!! I hope all is well with you, my friend! HUGS!!!

  3. What a fun day this must have been, like stepping back in time. I sometimes think they have it all RIGHT....keeping life simple.......but I don't think I could give up my crafting to become Amish......LOL
    Thanks for visiting me this week.
    Happy T-day

  4. Glad you had time for T today Dawn.
    What a lovely Autumn outing you had from beginning to end.
    Cute cat creamers too.
    Happy November to you and yours oxo

  5. Oh how fun! I love Amish county, I have been to the one in PA three or four times and also a few times in Iowa.
    Happy November to you and have fun at the scrap retreat!

  6. Oh, I don't make all my christmas card like the snow globe, mostly they are just one of a kind, I will make some fast and easy one in batches though.

  7. What a quaint place that sounds, it must be refreshing to have somewhere so nice to visit. Happy T Day :D

  8. So glad you joined in for T today. Believe it or not, I have a similar creamer, but mine is red and white, so it sits as a planter among my birds in my main floor bath. I love it, too. Thanks for thinking of me when you photographed it.

    This looks like a beautiful place. I know the Amish don't like to be photographed, so you did a very good thing. The store looks wonderful, and you sound like me, testing everything good to eat. I'm so glad you and rich had a fun outing, too.

    Thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us for T this Tuesday.

  9. Well, this looks like a fun day out! I´ve never been to the Amish, but I did go to the Amanas in Iowa one very long time ago (1984, I think). Not sure exactly how they differ, but I imagine the Amish are more old-fashioned in their lifestyle and values. Happy T-Day!

  10. Wow! Visiting the Amish county is in my 'to go' lists. I always enjoy your Hello posts. Hope you will keep us updated with the retreat events.
    Have a lovely day

  11. oh, I love Amish country!! Did you go to Berlin, Walnut Creek or Charm? well, I know there is more than one area to visit Amish shops and flea markets and antique idea of heaven, but just wondered where you were. I love the quilt shops too, and of course seeing the plain folk. So many general stores to visit...looks like you got some yummy treats, and what cute kitties! I am sure the drive was beautiful too. happy T day, and enjoy your upcoming retreats! ♥

  12. If you are in Amish country then you MUST try ShooFly Pie... I grew up in the PA/NJ area and that is my favorite! So glad you shared this Tday. See you two weeks. Have fun! Hugs! deb

  13. Aw, that kitty cat creamer is sooo cute! All the Amish food sounds good, especially the pumpkin spice dip. Happy T Day!

  14. I have never been to Amish country. I love their lifestyle and their faith. It's hard work though. We forget how we are spoilt with all our mod cons.
    The food looks really good. I'm glad you had such a good time and bought food to take home to enjoy.
    Now you are off to a retreat. I hope you get lot out of it.
    Thanks for visiting earlier,
    Have a good time,

  15. Oh that just looks like a wonderful place to visit!! Everything looks delicious, too. Happy T-Day! :)

  16. Hi I am just back here to answer a few of your question regarding project life.
    I was thinking to go back to small as well, but then the big one has it advantages too, so I am kind of struggling.
    I do print my picture at home with a small photo printer "selphy" I bought 2 years ago, best thing I ever bought I would say, I used to print a lot at CVS simply because I couldn't decide which photo to use, and then ended up a lot of photos in the box, now I only print what I need. pretty cool!

  17. Those creamers are adorable and I think I would have bought the Elephant one :) Visiting an Amish community is always a treat. ♥

  18. So delicious! What a fab place to visit!
    oxo Susi

  19. Oh I am so jealous, I had no idea that the Amish people allowed outsiders to come visit and see how things are done and those cat creamers are so cute!! Happy T Tuesday to you!

  20. Amish Country must be a delightful place!I thought Amish people didn't allow people where they live.Your post surprises me.Love the food too!Happy T Day :)