Sunday, November 29, 2015

T stands for Thanksgiving 2015

Hello, how are you? I'm sharing our Thanksgiving day/weekend with you today for T day with Elizabeth and gang. This is my favorite day and weekend of the year and this one was so good and needed and I'm sad it's come to the end. It's so nice having the kids home and especially Rich for 4 days in a row, no schedules or anything to do but what we choose to do. SO NICE!! I need this time to prepare myself for the holiday rush and reading this book and my advent studies helps me so much, these last few years I've enjoyed the upcoming holiday time and don't stress quite as much, hoping to do the same this year. So this weekend I took a break from my phone/IG and enjoyed slowing down and being with the family and quiet time, so good and I plan to do this more often. I of course took some photos to share with using my camera which I think isn't doing well by the looks of some of these photos. So here's a peek at our long weekend
The break started on Wednesday for us, Sam and I spent a lot of time outside while it was warm out
The only cooking I did was baked goods and boiled eggs for deviled eggs. We always order pizza for dinner too, love this tradition and no cooking meant more time to relax and no dishes, YAY!
Summer couldn't wait to put up her tree, love that about her, more each year she gets like this :)
I worked on my November Pl pages and after this weekend's photos will have all of November done, YAY! Bring on December! I loved the pages I did this night too, YAY!
Love that I got Rich and I in a picture, getting foods ready for the next day!!!
I didn't get a lot of photos Thanksgiving morning, the kids slept in and the house was quiet as Rich started the turkey early and prepared the food all morning, he does this so well and loves it. I'm happy to get this picture though, all the kids and my sister Annie ate with us since she had to be at work and would miss dinner at my mom's, so nice having her with us. Everything came out so YUMMY!!!
I took some unposed photos at my mom's, this is what I got, lol. We all hang in her kitchen, laughing and talking and snacking, the kids are getting so much older, just imagine what this scene will look like in 5 years. All the food was good here too, can't have enough of the yummy food on this day!!
I did do some walking/laps in my driveway that night under the full moon and the Christmas lights across the street. So happy I did this, got my exercise in and the lights were so cool! I do this most nights if it's not too cold/wet  to get my exercise and enjoy the fresh air before it's really winter.
Sam, Rich and I played Sorry, a new favorite lately and Rich won, he always wins, lol.
Renee and I colored, we haven't done this in so long, loved every minute of it. Played some Christmas music quietly on my phone for us too, so nice!! Love this photos too!
we bought a tree on Saturday and Summer happily decorated it tonight. Told you she is so excited about the trees this year, GO SUMMER! When she was done with this tree she went and....
helped Sam change his room around and put up his tree, that's 3 trees for her this weekend. She also loves changing around their rooms and cleaning them. His tree looks so much cuter then it does here too, maybe it's the lighting or I need a new camera.
Sorry this was so long, I took 80 photos and tried to narrow it down, so much good happened. Can't wait to put these in my PL now. Thanks so much for reading and for Elizabeth hosting us this week again. Take care and have a good week! Hugs!


  1. Looks like lots of fun going on there, I remember playing games with the kids when they were still living with us, we could never win when Dolce played with us, she won everything from word games to board games, and she was only 9 when she first started winning. : (

  2. Lots going on at your place, and thanks for sharing all the fun with us. It's great to be able to get together and have fun. Have a good week, and happy T day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Wow Dawn. You had a much more active weekend than I. It started to get icy here Thursday evening, and continued through today (Monday). Many people lost power when the electrical lines broke under the pressure of the ice. Now that it's above freezing, I can venture out of town to attend a party. For that reason, I am sorry that I can't add your link this week, because I won't be home till Tuesday afternoon.

    Looks like Summer got lots of trees to decorate this year. Good for her. And I can't believe how tall Sam has gotten.

    You know how much I love deviled eggs, but we didn't have any at my place this year. I'm really wishing I had made some, now. I really want one of those cookies.

    Thanks for sharing your Thanksgiving weekend and your drink with us for T this week. Again, I'm sorry I can't link you, but I'll be nowhere near a computer when the post goes live.

  4. I just got home and thought you would have already be linked to the T party. I just linked you, and hope some people see the link and visit you. I really, really apologize.

  5. Oh it looks like a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend was had by all!! Happy T-Day! :)

  6. Looks like you had a festive time with family which is as it should be :) Thanks for sharing ♥

  7. LOVED this post and ALL the pictures....thanks for sharing them ALL.
    Belated T-day wishes

  8. Dear Dawn, loved to go through all your photos of Thanksgiving day. We haven't put up our tree yet. Wish I got Summer's spirit and inte rest in this-:) Isn't it wonderful for all the cousins to meet together on this day.
    Hope you have a lovely week.
    Here it has been raining the last two days. Still the temperature is not that bad.

  9. What fabulous way to spend time with your family- I'm all for no cooking and more chatting and resting!! I love the kitchen pic with everyone chatting away! Chrisx

  10. Well you are doing so well documenting everything with your family! loved all the photos, and so cute that the kids have trees in their bedrooms! adorable. sounds like your holiday is just about perfect: laughter, good food, family, and games! with our family it's usually card games or word games. the guys love euchre, and sometimes all the cousins play Apples to Apples. So much silliness and laughter! that's the best. Wish I were caught up with my photo album...I got stuck because there aren't the right number of vertical photos to fill the page before moving on to the next event, or even the back side of the page! need to get my brain cells working on it, or maybe print more photos. Happy Holiday Season dear!!♥

  11. Hi Dawn!! I loved, LOVED reading your post! So full of joy and happiness! Your tradition of no cooking is right up my alley, too! Yay for more family time!!
    I enjoyed you visit to my blog, too, very much! Your comments always make me smile, we are looking forward to The Middle tomorrow!
    Have s wonderful Christmas season. Let me know how you like the book, too!
    Hugs to you, my friend!