Thursday, February 4, 2016

Around here in photos, YAY!!!

Hello again, I'm back with a few pictures, YAY!! I want to say a big THANK YOU for all the sweet comments on my last post, was so nice reading them and visiting your blogs again too, so THANK YOU!! It is so weird starting fresh here again, kinda like my first time blogging years ago, not sure why it does but it does. It was a nice surprise when I uploaded my camera for the first time here and to see pictures going back to this last Thanksgiving, so happy to see them and our Christmas ones too!! So at least those are here for me to enjoy, YAY!!! Hoping to get my email up and working again this weekend, not sure if it will have to change or if I can have the same one I've always had. How about some photos now :)
this sweet boy turned 5 last week!! Can't believe it, he's so AWESOME and fun and kind!! He loves to build with blocks as soon as he's in the door, he loves cars and trucks and the new dinosaur puzzle of Sam's, he loves his picture taken, loves hugs and loves my kids so much, he loves loves Lucky and tells her all day just like Sienna did at this age. So cool that he is 5 now, I love 5 it's the best age.
Renee has been making a sausage and cheese dish she and Summer love, it's a messy but fun dish to make.
I just made my first homemade soup, minestrone, so yummy. It was so nice to chop veggies and make some homemade and the house smelled good all day. Hoping to do more of this since it was easy and makes plenty. If you have a favorite soup recipe let me know.

These pictures uploaded very slowly and I had to do them each twice for it to take, not sure why that is, even leaving comments I had to do them twice and only the second one takes, weird. So I will leave it at these for now and come back next week with some art stuff. The warm weather left and it's a cold day out there again. Happy weekend, stay warm or cool where you are. HUGS!!


  1. YAY, looks like a lot of fun over there!

  2. Hi again Dawn! I loved seeing your wonderful photos! Sending more hugs your way!