Monday, February 1, 2016


                                                        HELLO FEBRUARY

                            Hello to a new month of fun, laughs, love and memories
                            Hello to Renee turning 19  and Ryan turning 12
                            Hello to more drawing, sketching and learning
                            Hello to hopefully more  sewing, it's been in  a time out :(
                            Hello to a whole month for my OLW... LOVE!!
                            Hello to a Valentines dinner at our church
                            Hello to Sienna getting baptizied this Sunday, SO HAPPY about this!!
                            Hello to one more month closer to spring
                            Hello to hoping for warm days and track days
                            Hello to reading more books
                            Hello to more orgazining in the house and in my craft space
                            Hello to my friend Nancy :)
                            Hello to whatever this month brings, thankful for each day

Hello friends, sorry it's been so long.  My computer wasn't working and still isn't fully operating yet. Rich tried working on it and deleted everything accidently, all my links, emails, contacts, classes, pictures, everything is gone. It's like a new computer with a blank space, an empty space, a new uninvited space. Around here we are all doing good, busy and good. Thank you so much for your comments on my last post, this table runner is so special to me and I love having it as a reminder of my grandma. Hope you are doing well and ready to welcome another month. Have a great week, will be back with some new fresh pictures and art to share. Feels good to be here blogging and sharing again with you. Take care xo


  1. Sorry to hear about the computer problem, hope you have a fabulous february despite that computer!

  2. Hi Dawn! Oh my goodness! I am so sorry about your computer. It happened to us once - everything was gone!!! I didn't like that at all, so I am thinking about you, my friend.
    It was so nice to see your smiling face at my blog and to read your kind words!!
    I love your OWL! I picked "shine" and am happy about it! Yes, whatever this month brings, I am going to be thankful for each day!
    We've been watching the Middle and enjoying the re-runs right now, too! But I think we will skip the one with Sue and her room-mate.
    Take care of YOU through all of this! So happy you are back and blogging again! HUGS!!! Sharon

  3. Oh no! That is a major computer issue! Hope you will be able to rectify it. I always love your Hello posts:-) Your OLW is so special especially this month. Yesterday I took my new album and is now working in it. So thankful to you Dawn for inspiring me with this project.
    The weather is so good here. Hope you have a warm and peaceful week.

  4. I lost everything when my old computer hard drive died, so I can understand exactly how you felt when everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was gone. I soon learned to back things up on an external drive.

    I am so sorry I have missed so many of your posts. I'm just glad that you are now back online. Your new table runner is awesome, and I look forward to seeing how you use that sewing machine. I have one of those, but I never got it to work. I hope you have better luck.

    As always, love your monthly posts, and look forward to staying better in touch.

  5. thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a comment on my blog! so sorry to hear about your computer woes...ours is running rather loud and wondering how long it will last. Probably just needs a good cleaning up of too much junk on here. Guess your hubby accidentally did that! but think of it as a new beginning. ;)

    I can't believe it is 57 degrees today and the sun is shining! I'll take it, but I think Nature is playing a cruel joke on us...I figure we will get more cold whether we want it or not! We have really not had more than a couple of inches of snow...the storms seemed to go either north or south of us...and I am ok with that! take care dear...stay warm and cozy! ♥