Saturday, February 20, 2016

Please Read! Thank you!!!!

Hello! Happy weekend, how are you? We are doing good, had another big snow, it was so pretty this time! The kids got a snow day from it too, YAY! Today it's like spring out, the windows are open and we keep going outside to soak it up before it's gone again.

I'm still having issues with computer, very slow and freezes or doesn't let me do what I try to do, like email or leave comments. Sorry about that, if we had some extra money I'd buy a new one but for now this will have to do.

I got a picture of all the kids together finally, it's been over a year since we did. Of course, Lucky had to squeeze in there too but wouldn't look at me. We took this the night of Renee's birthday, she's 19 now!! How did that even happen, crazy!  Thankful for each of them and each moment with them, even when they are cranky and moody, lol.

Hope you are doing well, will be by to visit your blogs but won't try to leave a comment till it will work right. Just please know I'm there and love seeing your posts and am thankful for your patience with my computer issues right now. Big hugs for you xo

Nancy, hello dear friend, big hugs for you too xo


  1. Sorry to hear about the computer issue, I hope it get fixed soon.
    Good to see that the family can get together, I know, once the kids are grown, it is really hard, and it is getting harder for me as well, one graduated and live in CA, one is going to graduate in May and live in New York, and the other one just went back to Singapore yesterday, sigh....

  2. Hi Dawn, what a lovely family you have. Great picture of them all. I've missed you on instagram. I have been offline for a month now. Been so good for my mental health. It is good to catch up with you here. Love JO

  3. Hi Dawn! I am very sorry to hear about your computer. I want you to know that I have been thinking about you!!! I hope all is well with you and your family, if if your computer is having issues. I absolutely LOVEd seeing the photo of all of your kids togheter and hearing how you cherish each moment with them, even when they are cranky! My youngest is a teen now, so crankiness happens a lot lately! LOL!!! And I loved seeing the photo of your snow, too. We are having above average temps for the past few days and it has been wonderful! Today we may make it into the 70's! WOW!!!! Take care my friend! HUGS to you!!!!

  4. Oh Dawn, I feel so sorry for you. I also have lots of computer issues, and wish I could buy a new one, but like you, simply can't at this time. I hope you get yours fixed or a new one soon, because I really miss you.

    Seeing all the "kids" together is wonderful. What a great and lasting photo that is.

    Hope things turn around for you this month, because I miss your monthly "around here" posts, too.