Friday, April 29, 2016

AROUND HERE April 2016

Around here it's been too long since I posted, I MISS IT!

Around here I MISS YOU!! HELLO friends!!

Around here, I haven't gotten a new computer or laptop

Around here life is good, crazy, busy, normal

Around here the kids are getting older, sigh

Around here I'm very thankful each day and blessed

Around here Summer has her first car, YAY!

Around here Summer is graduating in May, YAY!!

Around here Summer is graduating, WHAT?? how can that be?

Around here Sam had his appendix out, he's recovering well :)

Around here Sienna and Colt are doing good, growing, cute as always

Around here Rich can't wait to plant his garden

Around here the kids were sick/strep throat/ flu and coughs :(

Around here I'm cleaning my scrap space, making changes

Around here everyday is a new season outside :(

Around here it snowed 3 weeks ago, 5 inches, crazy

Around here Susan motivated me to blog today, thank you friend :)

Around here I have missed everyone and hope your doing well

Around here Sam and I play cards a lot and I love it

Around here it's weird having the girls driving everywhere now

Around here I'm eating healthier and exercising, walking

Around here Kristin will be 27 next week, how did that happen??

Around here I haven't touched the camera in 2 months :(

Around here we have secret sisters tonight, YAY!

Around here I will try to come by more often and have patience with the computer.

Around here I wish you a happy weekend and Hello MAY to you :)


  1. Good to see you back here Dawn, good to know what's going on in April, congrats on the grad,I have one this year too, youngest is done with collage, got a job offer but she is going back to school for her Master degree.

  2. Hello my friend! It was so nice to see your smiling face and wonderful comments on my blog today!!! YAy! I have missed you. Yes, please check me out on facebook and friend me! I would love to keep in touch with you there, too! Congrats to Summer! Time flies, doesn't it? Katie is graduation from Penn State in a little over a week. She has one more final exam to take and she's done. I cannot even believe it. Take care of yourself and thanks again for visiting me! HUGS to you!!!

  3. Dear Dawn, So nice to see this post. Happy to read all the news from there:-) Hope you can do more posts in the coming weeks. Everyday the season changes! So true and I'm not happy about it either:-( Thank you for doing this