Monday, May 3, 2010

Hello and Happy May Everyone,
I can't believe another month has flown by yet again. Thank goodness for these pictures to help me remember how much we have done this year. My pictures for this week are a mix of this past week and the week past that. I'm having a hard time uploading the rest from this week since I used my daughter's camera. During the uploading part it keeps changing it to a video instead of pictures, very frustrating. Anyhow, awhile back I showed a picture of our ditch the kids look at and try to find frogs, etc. well we were lucky enough to see little tadpoles swimming around which means in about a month we will have at least 50 of the cutest tiniest sweetest little frogs you've ever seen. It's been 3 years since the last batch, I did lots of layouts on them. We litteraly try not to have anyone pull in the drive untill we check it for babies and get them somewhere else safe. All day we take care of them and keep putting them close to the ditch which is by the road we don't want any smashed babies on our road or driveway. We collect them and name them play with them then send them back. On hot days we pull out the sprinkler and when we get a puddle in the yard the frogs come jumping our way to play in the water with the kids. So so much fun. I can't wait to show you pictures of this. This will be our 3 rd time that this has happened, some summers go by without any don't know why.

Is everyone ready for summertime and school being out. Is anyone going on vacation, camps for the kids, whatever your plans our let me know please I NEED ideas on how to keep the kids happy and busy. We will do a little camping, going to the pool, the beach, bball camp, bible school, volleyball camp, parks that's the norm for us anyhow. We also try to have some days where we do school work just to keep them use to doing their math and writing and such. Sam needs work on flashcards and his handwriting, girls just reviews over what the've done this year. We also join two library reading programs to keep them reading and gives out prizes.

Another thought on my mind lately is now that we know Becky Higgins is for sure coming out with another similar project life next year who has decided to get one? I'm pretty sure I will do this every year she comes out with one. I'm also hoping that Jessica Turner keeps this link for us to share these potd still or someone else. I think Jessica's doing a great job at it though. So just some thoughts I've been having please let me know what you think of them. Have another great week everybody!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL OF YOU MOMS,GRANDMA'S,DAUGHTERS,SISTERS AND EVERYONE....HOPE IT'S A FUN,LOVE, HUGS,CHERISHED DAY FOR ALL OF YOU!!

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  1. Hi Dawn. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and posting such lovely comments on my Project Life photos as well as my scrapbook page, I REALLY appreciate your kindness. Your photos are all fab. Your flowers are so pretty, can't believe the size of that frog and love the photos of building puzzles and colouring in. I need to get my boys some new puzzles, maybe for their school holiday in June, it's 5 weeks!!

  2. Love the picture's this week! I can't wait to see all those baby frogs, how fun! I would love to have a Lilac bush, it must smell heavenly at your house! I love the picture of your kids "shaving." I'll have to get one the next time I catch my kids "shaving." I just found out that Triston's school has a summer program to keep what they learned fresh. I think I am going to do that with Triston. You should see if your schools offer it. See you next week, have a great one!