Wednesday, May 12, 2010

May 12 Allison Davis sketch week

I love love Allison's sketch week, sometimes when I can all I do is try to do a layout like the one she's showing us that day, so this week I've done 3 so far hoping for 1 or 2 more because I'm having fun with this sketch. Allison always knows how to change it into a whole different direciton everyday....below is a layout I did today and there is one for each of the previous days. Today's is my favorite, the heart isn't perfect but it was too hard for me, went thru 3 12x12 red paper now I'm almost out of red, so I quit and said just go with it and doesn't matter. I also used ribbon for the first two strips across then one of paper. If anyone wants to see more of her sketches click on the Scrapbooking Ali link on the right side.

For my project life blog friends I still did post my pictures for the week you just have to scroll down a little ways. Thanks for visiting.

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