Monday, May 24, 2010

Welcome to Project Tuesday everyone!! This was a long week for us and getting busier the next two weeks. Kids are almost out and have tons of activities it's always fun just tiresome. If your new here click on the Jessica turner link on the right to see more blogs like mine.

So does anyone else watch GREY"S ANATOMY..... did you see the season finale?? I loved it don't like the theme of course but just all the action and the actors did a great job and shined in a new way they hadn't before. Some weeks I don't even watch it get sick of all the drama. This one really kept me at the edge of my seat though. Let me know if you watched it.

Also does anyone else have many magazines subscriptions? What do you do with them all, you are going to see my piles this week in my potd. It took me 8 hours to sort them and organzie. I have a favortie pile to keep close, kinda fave which will go to closet then the ok's which will go in the attic for now. Most of them are Scrapbooking magazines any ideas on what you do with yours would love some tips???

The weather fianlly got super nice it's 80"s all weekend and all week fianlly we have shorts and flipflops back on. Enjoy the week everyone and thanks for stopping by.


  1. That was so sweet of you to read my blog and leave such a nice comment. I enjoyed your current post and will go back and scan thru the others.

    As far as projects, I have made both of my girls albums and Sister albums, etc. I've made albums for lots of friends too. For Christmas I've been doing Shutterfly books for family members of vacations together, etc. My favorite albums seem to be my Mini Albums that I keep in a woven basket that gets dragged from room to room. When Boyd died, my girls and I sat on the floor and spent hours going through all of those memories.

    No, I don't watch Grey's Anatomy. Sorry!

    As far as magazines go, I haven't renewed any as the stacks were so tall. I finally tossed them out except for any Christmas issues. Good luck with all of yours!

  2. Hi Dawn! Hope all is well!

    I go through my magazines and ripe out the articles/pages I want to keep, three ring punch them and put in a binder. I then have dividers for the topics and file them under there. You can fit ALOT in a 4 inch binder! Takes up soooo much less space than all the magazines. Plus magazines are so full of ads, you don't need to keep them!

    Have a great week!

    p.s. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy...sorry!