Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello everyone, I can't believe it's going to be June already. We have been doing this for six months ladies, I think we should all pat ourselves on the back for a doing so good. I love reading everyone's blog and even though we haven't meet I think you are all a great, kind, fun, caring, crafty group of women and I'm glad to be friends with all of you. Ok enough mushy now onto business....I had a nice week took care of all those magazines thank you for everyone who helped me with advise. I ripped out tons of layouts and going to start working on binders for them. My daughters have both had field trips and had a great time will try to post pictures soon sorry so busy I can barely keep up with my photos, I have a couple mixed up dates on some this week. You might need to scroll down a couple times to see them all for this week, a few extras. The weather has been high 80's and GORGOUS AND HOT . The kids played a lot in the water this week but didn't post those. getting ready for our last four days of school , can't believe it. My husband and I went on a daytime date last Friday while kids are at's a great idea for any of you moms with all kids in school or a sitter for the daytime while you are awake and fresh in the morning instead of tired and grumpy at night and just want to stay home. We had a great time together even played frisbee just us no kids grocery shopped, walked around the village, just had fun.

Ok I will go now so you can enjoy the pictures. Thanks for everyone who stops by and leaves comments or not we love to read them. Have a great first week of JUNE everyone.


  1. Looks like you are getting some gorgeous summer weather Dawn. It is finally cooling down here, so it would appear that our weather patterns are finally getting to where they should be!! Hope you have a great week further. x

  2. Dawn-
    thank you for your sweet comments every week...and sorry I have not gotten back to you about doing a theme week...I would love too, but I need to get the girls' b-day party maybe towards the end of this does that work.

    I am going to look at your pictures now...and then off to sew!