Monday, April 25, 2011


  1. I love your egg tree! what a great idea before the leaves come back in! I am so glad you got a nice sunny day. Isn't it amazing how much the sun brighten our spirits!
    Can i come to your house next give good baskets! =))))

    Hey i checked out 30daysoflists and i am SUPER excited about their new announcement! Pins and needles I tell ya!

    Hope you had a good weekend dispite a little more rain. When does it normally warm up there?

    Thanks too for all your sweet comments. You're a true bloggy friend and I'm glad we've "met"! =) Your kids are so cute and i can see/hear/read that you are making the most of each day. Keep it up Dawn!

  2. wonderful photo's.. I just love how bright and green your outdoors are looking.. we are grey today! Always so nice to talk to you Dawn. I need to get caught up on my 365.

  3. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE how much your kids are doing in your PL albulm! It looks awesome! Looks like you did have a wonderful Easter. I wish the Easter Bunny had brought me those Sharpies! HA!