Friday, April 22, 2011

What I'm Loving Right Now & Hoppy Easter

I thought it was time for another what I'm loving right now as we approach this Easter Holiday weekend. Not a day goes by that I don't think of how lucky I am and thankful for all the good in my life so just want to take a moment to capture it and remember it.

1. Having 4 healthy, active, loud, beautiful, sweet, funny kids, I never pictured being a mom and now that's all I care about.

2. My sweet, loving, helpful, funny-funny, cute, smart, caring, dependable, positive, strong, supportive husband.

3. My husband's job that allows us to have a house, food, clothes and misc. to take care of our family and provides us so that I can stay home with the kids.

4. For surviving my first day babysitting new baby Colt and he was sick with a bad cold too, love him so much. I have to say it again too, IT'S A BOY IT'S A BOY yes I wanted another boy around this house.

5. For all my friends who are wonderful for me and so fun to be with.

6. For all my family, near and far. Family is everything and I'm grateful for each one.

7. For my new online friends at my BPS class, they truly understand and support and cheer right along with me. I am so thankful for Karen the teacher too.

8. For Jamie Oliver new season starting, love that guy and want him to come to our town.

9. For my yummy yogurt and fresh fruit every morning

10. That their is a new ?????? surprise coming up on one of my blogs I read.


12. For the 4 days of sunshine we got this month, seriously I think that's all it's been

13. When my oldest at college calls to say hello and misses us!! I miss her and get to see her in 2 months !!

14. For all my followers and comments on this blog, you are all the best and I love it when you visit me here.

15. It's soccer season, yep I'm a soccer mom. I always said no no no no soccer for this family then Sam came along and now it's yes yes yes to soccer. It really is fun and I love to watch him play and see his action face. I'm planning a layout about this very thing.

16. My daughter will be 13 in 2 months, so two teen girls in the house. It won't be pretty, there is signs already. Maybe I can lock them in their room together till they are 20,lol just kidding I leave and shop and my hubby can listen to them, haha

17. My other daughter gets braces in a week, yeah she's been waiting.

18. This cold weather is making my husband and I go to bed earlier then ever, is 9:30 early for us adults, I crave sleep now and was never like that before

19. For the 100 % papers Sam has been bringing home and the art work he's brought home too, really happy stuff.

20. My new makeover half bath, it makes me smile everytime I go in there

ok, that's a lot of loving for now. Sorry so long, I couldn't help myself. Have a wonderful weekend everybody. Thanks for reading it if you lasted this long.


  1. What a fabulous list, never apologise for declaring things that make you happy. Reading your blog makes me happy.
    Happy Easter.
    Love me :-)

  2. okay #1) fabulous idea Dawn! I was actually working on a new list... "andrea lately" and i think you've done it! braces? college? bathroom makeovers? are super woman!
    I really enjoyed reading this list! getting to hear what's going on with you is fun! =)
    smiles for the week...heading over to you!

  3. These are my favorite types of posts! Hugs to you!