Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Project Life April 3 to April 9

It's been a busy, crazy, painful, fun, warm, exciting first week in April for our family. We started the week going to our local Farmpark to see some new spring baby animals. My niece had her first concert at school. My one daughter started getting a toothache which led us to the dentist last week finding out that she'd need a root canal ASAP on the one tooth she chipped 2 years ago in a bike accident. That's where we were all morning, poor thing she did not like going thru this procedure. She was strong and tough though. On Saturday she and her brother got glasses and they look so cute and so different. I can't believe what a change wearing glasses does to them. Summer looks so much more grown up and more gorgeous to me. I love love her pictures and have already ordered a few more copies so I can scrap them. Sam looks even more cuter and like a little professor to me. The big exciting news was taking Renee up to the high school and getting her schedule pack for freshman year in the fall. It will be so exciting for her to take some classes that are fun and interesting and are what she's interested in. Hoping she gets all the classes she signed up for. I put our Sunday pictures from the park in the added page protector so there's something on the back side of it. Also the other page protector has a some papers from this week, one favorite is Renee had to cut out magazine pictures that showed what she liked or was about her. Again, I'm so very very thankful for this album, my favorites were from the eyeglasses place. It made me wish my mom had pictures of when I got mine or how I felt about them, how I picked the pair out etc. I will love looking back at this day and remembering how goofy they all were and how fun and excited it was to get glasses. Renee took all the pictures and even tried some on for fun. LOVE LOVE PROJECT LIFE!!


  1. I just noticed that my comments from last week on this post didn't show. I am sooo sorry! How exciting for Renee! High School?! LOVE the kids glasses. I still have my very first pair and they are hideous! May sure they keep their first pairs forever! Have a great rest of the week!

  2. You are such a good momma! Your kids are never going to forget about their childhood nor will they doubt how much you love them. It shows in what you do for them!
    Um...freshman year is here!!!! EEEEEKKKKK!
    Glasses for both kiddos? How super that they got to do it together. When my sis needed glasses, she was so nervous that I fake-failed my eye test so we'd both get to wear them together...silly i know.
    SOunds like you've had a fabulous-ish week minus a root canal. =) Keep smiling!