Saturday, December 10, 2011

Capturing God's beauty and a camera lesson

Finding these beautiful ice designs in my yard made me so happy and reminded me there can be beauty after a loooong day of rain. The funny part was keeping Lucky from walking on them, told him to sit and stay many times. I kept taking photos and squatting on the ground and he kept wanting to play. So glad it I who took him for a walk otherwise I would have missed these beauty's. Might have to frame these so as to remind myself there is beauty after a long day of rain. The sun was hitting them just right too.
So thanks to Deb and her always showing us new ways to use our cameras I took these using the macro button on my camera. I've never done this before but am so glad I did this time. These came out so good and really shows all the little details. This will be just the start of using that button and hope to capture more fun things with it. Thanks Deb for always sharing what you learn so that we can learn too. If you want to see Deb's blog where she shares gorgeous pictures and wonderful stories click on the 30 days of thanks button or her link Learning as I Go on the right side of my blog.
Have a great weekend everyone.


  1. I'm just getting caught up on my blogging today and found this wonderful post! Your images are beautiful! That macro button really makes a big difference on close up images, doesn't it? My favorite is the very first one, the frost on the grass and leaves. It's amazing what you see when you look at the outlines created with the frost. Thank you for sharing this! I'm excited for you.

  2. I knew you'd like that first one Deb, even my hubby was excited. IT will be exciting to find more awesome images like these to take photos of with now. Thanks so much for looking and your comment.

  3. these are amazing photos.. wow!!! I love using the macro setting u can get up close and capture so much detail.. way to go! Love them !!!

  4. Your photos are beautiful! I'm always amazed by the patterns that ice crystals create! Can't wait to hear how you like your new project life kits! Mine don't come til Thursday - I can hardly wait!