Monday, December 19, 2011


I was as excited as Sam about the snow that finally came for him. We got about 2 inches which was enough to play in and make some snowballs. I took pictures all thru the weekend capturing it's beauty and the fun it brings. Soooo happy I got these and that Sam finally got to play in it. Hoping it will come back again for Christmas Day.

My boy's houses, Rich loves making these and did awesome this year. My Sam man did good but ate more candy/frosting then he put on his house.
The girls houses, I have a photo like this from 4/5 years ago and can't believe how big they are now. They were just little then and so giggly and girly back then.
These were so much fun to make and the kids did a great job this year. Each year they get more creative and better at standing them up. One year we did the kit kind and did horrible at it. For us it's all about homemade and making it out own way, the less perfect the better.
these 3 monkeys are the light of my life, she is sooo excited about Sam when he comes home. Has to be near him and talks sooo sweet to him. She is now saying she wants to be 10 like him. Little Colt man finally hang out on the side and watch with envy.
received happy mail from dear friend Tracey, she filled this box with oodles of paper heaven goodies. she is queen of tags, doilies, banners. this came all the way from Australia and made my day!! Thank you dear Tracey I loved every little bit!!
Renee dressed up for her holiday chorus concert, so grown up and pretty and sparkly!! We had the best time, so much talent at her concert.
I went shopping at a little place called "VANITY" at our mall, love love everything in there. The saleslady helped me for over an hour. Due to my being on the short side it was hard to find the perfect jeans but 13 pairs later I bought 2 and LOVE the way they fit and look. I picked this top out and another one right away. Planning on doing more shopping from this store in the new year. Wore this tonight to Renee's chorus concert. Wish this picture came out better.


  1. Those houses look great. I love your new top too.

  2. Hi there! I saw your sweet comment about my magazine, Sprout, over at Bonita Rose's blog. I couldn't find your email address here. Would you email me, please? I would love to give you a little something. :)

    Merry Christmas!

  3. HI there Dawn.. love all the pics.. those candy houses are the best.. and your kids all look so happy.. love that! Love all the pics.. you are such a great mama! hugs xo

  4. Thank you ladies for stopping by and the nice words. It always makes my day to see them and know you enjoy my photos too.

    Amanda thank you so much for this gift, love it.

    Sonja so nice to hear from you again.

    Bonita, these houses are always fun with the kids. thank you for your compliment, everyday I do my best to be a good mama.

  5. Dawn, you already are a good mama! xo