Thursday, May 16, 2013


Renee is in Driver's Ed, last day is today then the big test and then driving soon, YIKES!!

Kristin turned 24, how did this happen? She also got an apartment, YEA!

Summer is a IG queen lately, posting lots of inspiration and cute pictures

Sam and my niece Camryn just had their last elementary concert last night, sigh

Rich is enjoying watching the onions and strawberries grow, so far they look great

we had about 4 days of COLD COLD temps again but now it's warm again, YIPPEE

I'm obsessed with my Liliac's still, will miss them when they are gone

the grass keeps growing, seriously not fair! Who wants to mow their yard 2x a week, NOT US

mother's day was wonderful, got 2 camping chairs from rich and kids. I asked for them and was happy to see them waiting in the living room that morning, THANKS HONEY!

Kristin surprised me with a iphone case from Alisa Burke!! SO AWESOME! Thanks Kristin

just signed Sam and Summer up for Church camp, first time Sam will be gone for 5 days, not sure I like this but will pray and hope he does ok and comes home in ONE PIECE!!

signing Sam up for flag football camp too at the YMCA, he will love this

soccer season is going great, Sam is really enjoying it this year! Only 2 more games left

I had a crop at the church last Saturday, did an awesome job and got lots done.

Renee and Summer have their last concert tonight, Renee got a small solo, YEA!!

we are ready for summer, even I can't wait for the kids to be home and no schedules!

ready to have daily walks at the track and going to parks and the pool and fun outside

season finale of Grey's Anatomy is on tonight, SUPER EXCITED TO SEE IT!!

Sam is obessed with is his ipod now, need to get him away from that thing

making summer plans/lists/charts/ bucket list, COME ON SUMMER VACATION!!

still working on PL 18 &19, finally think I have the right photos for these weeks

received some awesome watercolor paper and paints from my secret pal at church

love watching more leaves grow on the trees, love watching more green fill in thru my yard

feeling so thankful for all I have right now, how did I get so lucky!!

Thanks so much ladies for your wonderful encouraging words on my PL post below. So glad you enjoy seeing my pages. Hope to post 18 & 19 SOON!!!
Have a HAPPY DAY and thank you for all you do for me, so lucky to have the best readers!! HUGS


  1. Hi Dawn! Remember me?! Life has been crazy busy as usual and I just have enough time to keep up with my blog. Sorry.

    Yay for Kristen! How exciting for her to move on. I hear ya about being ready for summer. I am tired of saying "it's a school night!" The lilacs here are just blooming...hope to get some this weekend. I love them too! Good luck to Renee! Tell her to be safe! Loved this post. You are right, you are very blessed.

  2. Hi Dawn!

    Love this post! I love taking the time to sit back and really think about what's going on in your life at any particular moment. Really makes you think, doesn't it? Your kids have quite the packed schedule!! I can see why summer vacation will be much anticipated for all of you. Good luck to Renee, I'm sure she'll do fabulous ;)

    The weather has been so nice here as well, finally getting used to the idea of warm's been nice! I too have been walking around, noticing the green buds on the trees and it's just a breath of fresh air!! Our lilacs will be blooming in a few weeks, so, so, SO excited for them! It's the anniversary of my grandmas death on Sat (May 18th), she'll have been gone for 16 years and lilacs were her favourite flower..always reminds me of her ;)

    Hope you enjoy the rest of your week and can't wait to see your next PL pages!!

  3. I love your list! Its great to reflect the doings! And thank you so much for your comment on my blog!!!

  4. everything sounds great... can't wait to see pics of your iphone case! way cool!

  5. What a wonderful way to end my week, reading such a delightful post. I have had really bad hayfever all week and haven't done much of anything, so reading all about your lives has put a huge smile on my face. I always love reading these posts, thank you for sharing. Renee driving... Yikes!
    love me :-)

  6. Oh wow, I can imagine how excited it was to get an Alisa Burke's art piece :). Her colors are screaming, Summer!!. LOVE to hear all good things going on there, especially when you're soon to be able to have nature walks :). LOVE lilacs, wonder if they're thin enough to keep under books. I'm crazy of collecting flowers for art nowadays :). HUGS.

  7. Love this post,Dawn the little things that make life more meaningful:) Wow! you got an Alisa Burke product. That was so thoughtful of your daughter.
    Thank you for your comments too. Will write to you soon. Enjoy the wonderful weather my friend

  8. Awesome! Sounds wonderful - and I agree with you - I can't wait for the no schedules that Summer brings. Bring it on ;) xoxo

  9. You are always so uplifting and I love reading your posts, Dawn! Thank you so much for sharing a little bit of you and your family with us!!!!!