Monday, May 6, 2013


Hello there, are you ready to go on a Spring walk with me? You won't need a jacket it's pretty warm here finally. Say hello to Lucky who will be joining us on this walk, yep Lucky wants to be outside all the time now and laying in the sun. We have been blessed with a week of summer temps, oh how we needed this. It's feeling good to have the winter gear packed away and wearing shortsleeves and shorts and flip flops now. The house stayed a mess most of the week, little picking up because it's just to nice to be inside. The grass has been green for weeks now and this past week's HOT SUN made the grass grow faster which required it to be mowed twice in a week. Of course the mower decided to break down in the middle of mowing and Rich had to go buy a new one. Ok, do you have shoes on and ready to go... don't forget sunscreen, yes we had to use it this week, YIPPEE!!
Look at the yellow growing in our yard, we love seeing this. I know they are weeds but they make us happy. Especially Sienna and Colt who love to pick as many as their little hands will hold
all the trees are getting leaves and green on them
the strawberries are growing
She is sooo excited to be outside playing and even
help Rich weed out in the garden on his half day
tulips are popping up slowly in the front yard
Most days it was 70's before or around noon and just stayed the perfect temp all day. It was like a week of summer with spring blooms. Already we are cooling off a bit, only 70 this week and rain. The leaves just started popping out with GREEN everywhere in a matter of days. I have slowed down my days and walk around my yard even more taking over 100 photos of it all and doing some sketching now too. Sitting on the deck all day just starring at GOD's beauty is all my heart wants to do now. This past weekend was filled again with warm sun and happy hearts in our house. Sunday was so amazing and perfect I didn't want the day to end. We stretched it out as long as possible before heading inside. Sleeping with the window open all week has been such a treat along with the windows open and sunshine pouring thru the windows all day. Below are the picture from yesterday's walk around the yard with 2 extra people who are soooo loving this GREEN in our yard.
Isn't it gorgeous!! I want to sketch this and frame this photo
This was early Sunday morning
My Lilac trees outside my kitchen nook windows. They are more purplish then this photo shows. I'm in love with them and can't wait to smell them thru my windows.
Here are my other walkers, Rich and Summer. Can you tell I love "shadow photos" there are more but I won't bore you with them all. Expect them almost weekly in my PL pages though, ha!
I can't believe how huge our trees are getting. I love to stand by them and take pictures looking straight up at them and seeing the clouds/sky/sun behind them.
Did you enjoy this loooong walk (sorry about all the photos, can't help myself). Isn't all the lovely GREEN everywhere so pretty, so glad spring finally showed up and even a bit of summer mixed in. What you didn't see in the photos were the hundreds of bike rides, lots of walks and track time, bees buzzing daily, frogs croaking, birds chirping, lawnmowers on all the time, driving with the windows down and music playing loud but not too loud, me thankful each day for this beauty, stacks of laundry piled up from the weekend (started load 4 now) Sam having an awesome Soccer game with 2 AMAZING GOALS made my him and watching Sienna at her game doing so well for her age. My oldest Kristin just turned 24 yesterday too, that made the day even more special.
Thank you so much if you made it thru this long post, hope it makes you as happy as it does me. I will do another one of these at the end of the month or start of June. Already I see the change in me this season, more thankful then last year for this beautiful life I have and GODS beauty that surrounds us everywhere. Thanks so much for reading ladies. HUGS!
p.s. to my Australia friends who are getting FALL weather now, enjoy having a break from the heat wave and hope you still like seeing some GREEN photos.


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  2. OMG!! It is so very gorgeous out!!. LOl, Lucky is THE BOSS. Is it dandelions?. SO pretty, I want to just lie down and read. I LOVE wild flowers and weeds!!. Good you have the two young hearts to help in the lawn :). LOVE lilacs, one spring I was in Park City and saw lilacs everywhere, in every shades of purple!. Sweet aroma. WOW, cherish this moment, Dawn :). HUGS.

  3. ohh, and your kitchen nook is beautiful :).

  4. Thanks for taking me along, what a beautiful day and so much green.
    We are finally getting some rain here which everyone is happy about, especially our farmers. They have been struggling for along time now because of no rain, so hopefully this will be a good amount.
    Always makes me smile reading about you going into one season while we are going into another.
    Thanks for sharing dear friend.
    Love me :-)

  5. what a beautiful walk... so green there, good for you!!!! Enjoy the sunshine! xo your yard is so so huge!!! Come back to FL anytime!

  6. THank you for taking us around Dawn. Love the trees and the shadow pictures.But my favorite is the early morning Sunday photo. I want to sketch that strawberry plants badly.Enjoy the wonderful weather dear friend.

  7. Always nice to spend time outdoors in great weather. Love the shadow photos - super fun!

  8. Oh Dawn! It was so nice to see your wonderful photos this morning! I just loved every single one of them! You have brought a bright and happy spot into my life today, my friend! I especially love your lilac bush (ours is blooming too, right now!) and your shadows!!! You have inspired me to get out and take some "green" pictures myself! Thanks so much!!!!!