Friday, May 3, 2013


This was my favorite Day In the Life so far this year. I tried to take some different shots I usually don't get and stay away from the same old ones. It helped that there was errands in the morning and afternoon to break it up also. Seems these DIL our always on a weekday this year and I am home alone and tired of just always showing the same things I do each time. So I stayed away from me a bit and showed other life happenings. It's always dark here in the mornings when the girls leave so I snuck up on Renee and got that first photo of her looking in the mirror and snuck in and got the same one of Summer that night. We had their dentist appt. today and it was neat to get  a photo of them both in side by side rooms. A BIG THING today was picking up the Drivers Educations packet Renee needs to start Drivers Ed next week. Can't believe the time has finally come for this. I was thrilled with the weather today too which has lasted all week long, YIPPEEE!! It feels looks like spring but feels like summer. We've waited so long for this nice weather so it made the day even happier. This week green is blooming around town and in our yard too. I took it easy on photos think about 50 and deleted 10 already that wouldn't work. My plan is to probably make this into a collage and add it in to this week's pages. So glad to have this day documented, was an awesome day for all of us. Thank you Ali Edward's for this fun idea and letting us share our day with you.
Have a happy weekend everyone! We have a busy weekend planned and Kristin's birthday is on Sunday, YIPPEE!! Thanks for reading, HUGS!


  1. It is great to catch up with what is happening in your life. Love your PL posts...and I love to see the different photos you took for "Day in the Life".

    Thank you for always leaving such lovely comments it is much appreciated.

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  3. Love this post Dawn, boy you sure did take a lot of photos, is that Rich and Sam on the bikes? How great they go riding together.

  4. super awesome photos of your day!

  5. These photos are so beautiful Dawn. your daughters look very pretty. I can see the cup sketches:)The journal page looks great with all the colorful tapes.