Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Project Life....Week 21 and Collages

Hello Week 21!! I stayed caught up and even on time this week for my pages!! As you can see these pages are packed full of stories and photos and LOTS OF LOVE!! Having a long 4 day weekend with hubby and kids made me very happy and that spilled over into my love for this project again. I took my time, like 5 hours and just enjoyed them process and feeling thankful for my life, my family, telling stories, friends, warm sunshine days and more. Reading back over last week's post I didn't like how negative I was, all of you were great in your comments though THANK YOU!! The bad feelings were coming from being overwhelmed and not caught up and still cropping those dang pictures that I love so much, haha! This week I didn't let it bother me and told myself to remember this every week. Sorry for the darkness of picture, it's cloudy and rainy at this time and probably tomorrow, so I did the best I could. Remember you can click on this image to make it bigger.
I love the date/week card, it was a beautiful scrap paper Bonita gave me a long time ago. I have a few more of these and hold on to them because I LOVE THEM!! Trimmed this one down a bit and glued it to a tag, doodled a bit and added the week. This made me VERY HAPPY, going to do more like this. It was a hot week then got VERY VERY COLD at the end, forgot to take a temp picture but we had to pull out the winter coats, gloves, hats on Friday for Sam/Cam's Olympic day which is at the bottom on the left side. Amazing how weather can change that fast, didn't like it at all.
Love the before/after picture of the sunset, another amazing example of how things change so fast. I had now idea the sky was going to turn that gorgeous purple/orangey color after the before shot was taken. SOOOO happy to have seen this! See that cute picture of Summer and the munchkins, she did great getting them in for a few photos on her phone, so funny they were.
On the right side is our Fri/Sat/Sun which was awesome because Rich was home, man do I love having him home with us more. Wish he didn't have to work so hard and long during the week. Thankful everyday for this amazing man and lucky to be married to him. He was also in the middle of a cold/sore throat/earache/headache thingy going on but he did great all weekend. Finally on Sunday before dinner I told him to go nap in the sun and he did, love that picture of him. Today he is feeling even better and almost over it. My dad treated us and family and friends to dinner Friday night so I did the best I could getting pictures, too many of us. The bottom 3 photos are from Sunday night, at my moms first to get sticks for a fire and Sam excited to collect some helicopters from her yard to take home. He's been wanting these for weeks, we don't have trees like this in our yard. When we got home Rich and Summer joined him in throwing them up in the air. The last picture is of course the bonfire we had, first for this year. It was pretty cold that night so we didn't last long even with the fire.
So that's it, my week is done!! Already excited for this last week of May and trying to plan it out already! Now if your not to tired or bored how about some peeks at art collages I've made lately!
I had so much fun making these, no overthinking. Just paper, glue,paper,glue over and over. The idea for these came from blog friend Michelle who shared a link to www.artsyville.blogspot where Aimee does a Glue It Tuesday challenge/link up. It's all about paper and glue and having fun which is just what I need. My plan is to continue doing these and maybe even linking up on her blog, might even get the kids to do this with me over the summer too. Feel free to stop by her blog and check it all out. A warning that her blog/life/photos everything is VERY COLORFUL! She has color everywhere, it's gorgeous and so happy. Go check it out and let me know what you think and I would love for anyone to join me for some glue and paper!!
I will be back soon to share more summer ideas!
p.s. can you guess my favorite collage above? Let me know if you have a favorite one too! HUGS!


  1. The PL picture is pretty dark, let me know if you can't see it and I will repost later.

    Also note that I added a email sign up for my blog. It's at the very top on the right hand side.
    Thanks again ladies for reading!

  2. Oh yes, I love AMY! That sounds like such a fun challenge - AND your journal pages and project life book continues to grow - beautifully!
    Thank you for your color favorites - blue is a continual favorite for me too - but I get what you mean by learning to love them all now, especially white! I totally agree, xoxo

  3. WOW, Aimee is such a colorful person, I LOVE her blog & colored doodles. Still have to visit to see more :). LOVE that you are on a collage journey now, paper/scissors/glue make me happy too ...I started doing this long before I scrapbook/journal, I remembered how fun it was :). The sunset was gorgeous!!. I'm always awed at how fast weather can change nowadays, even here!. Looked like another great week had passed. My guess that the page with the journal is your favorite?. Mine is both pages on the very last photo. Sweet!. HUGS.

  4. Hi Dawn! I love your PL pages, especially the bonfire photo!!!! I love bonfires! And Your art collages inspired by colors! You are amazing, Dawn! Thank you so much for sharing these pages with us! I hope that all is well with you - I have been a little mia lately and need to catch up with all of my blog friends!

  5. So glad to hear you are feeling more positive this week Dawn. Well done on keeping up with PL...it can be really hard at times, but so worth it.

  6. Happy to hear that you enjoyed the process this time. All the photos look great. Love the collages and my favorite is the chevron pattern page. Every week i think of participating in this fun event but somehow I keep on postponing it.
    Enjoy the great weather this week.

  7. Your pages are awesome.. and it's fun to see your collages.. I need to get back into that.. eventually.. right now... my beading is taking up lots of my time here!

  8. Oh Dawn I have missed so much on your blog! What a treat to see all of your project life pages and now your glue-it Tuesday pages too! Your PL is coming along awesomely! You do such a good job of capturing every day moments; and I love your "things to remember" lists too. Beautiful! And your collages are looking so fun and colorful!!! Let's see, I'm going to guess that your favorite is either the grid page (second one down), or the April 30th page with your journaling on it. Am I right??? I think those two are my faves too, although they are all so unique it's hard to pick a fave. Thanks for always inspiring me!