Saturday, July 20, 2013


Hello there, are you ready for a walk thru my garden. It's doing pretty good this year and I've enjoyed it more then any other year. We've already had some of the onions and I just picked the zucchini and squash, still need to cook them and can't wait for the corn to be ready. So put on your sunscreen and let's go walking!
I've had so much fun watching them grow and Rich is happy that I'm finally out there with him. All these years I tease him about his constant checking on the garden to see what's grown and now I do see that it all grows, like by the hour and definitely overnight. I call them my babies and sing to them about growing and how pretty they are. Kinda like talking to your plants, haha! Love these bright colors and seeing the joy in Rich's face when he's out there.
Oh and these leaves that grow on them, HOLY COW they are HUGE!! I have to dig my way thru them just to find the veggies hiding under them. I LOVE LOVE them and have been sketching them, need to practice more but enjoying them! I swear these grow by the hour and the biggest ones have the smallest veggies in them are just gorgeous!!
the tomatoes and peppers are doing great!! Rich loves peppers as do Sam and Summer, the tomatoes are for me and Sienna. She loves picking and eating them when she's over. So cool how excited she gets about them and knows that she helped plant them. Rich takes the peppers to work and passes out to friends. His co-workers wait for this each summer and fight over who gets his veggies. He is so proud of his hard work and sharing it with others just makes him even happier.
here is the corn, getting taller everyday. the sunflowers are doing great too
the clouds have been AMAZING AND GORGEOUS this week too
we watched the sunset from the lake, haven't done this in over 10years. MUST DO THIS MORE!!
Today is this sweet girls birthday. Hard to believe she was Sam's age here. Now she is 15 today and is still just as sweet and cute. We missed her this week while away at church camp. So glad she is back home and making us laugh again. Sam was going nuts without her here, no bedtime hugs and play time. Funny that purple was her favorite color then, she never goes near it now. Happy 15th birthday Summer, thank you for bringing such joy and smiles into our lives.
Today we are waking up to a night full of rain, thunder, lightening, I barely slept. The garden and yard have way to much water in them. Please say a prayer that our garden will survive, not sure what will go bad and Rich just planted the pumpkins. You know how much I LOOOOVE my pumpkins, hoping we don't loose them. Thanks so much for taking a walk thru my garden with me. Will do another one later in August, if all goes well.
This was the last week of SOC and I didn't get any cards done. I'm working on some sketches/paintings that I'm hoping to share later with these colors. Kristin, thanks so much for an awesome 6 weeks of color. I was inspired each week and know these colors will stay with me long after the summer is over. My garden pictures/walk will be what my SOC is for this week, not quite the sage and sepia colors that were picked but close enough. It was fun each week to see what the others created, so many amazing, beautiful art being made and shared. Kristin, thanks again for all you do to make this SOC happen. I will stay in touch with you thru the year and can't wait for the next SOC!! Happy weekend everyone!!


  1. WOWWW!! Your garden looks gorgeous!. Rich must be happy with all the veges, I can't even grow chilies here!. They died on me, now I'm praying for the spinach to grow. Everything tastes sweeter from your own garden!. Hope the rain won't wash away the pumpkins. LOVE this walk of sage & sepia :). Happy Birthday Summer!!.

  2. Hi Dawn! Happy Happy Birthday to Summer!!! Yay!!!! 15 - WOW! Time flies, doesn't it?! And WOW! I absolutely loved walking through your garden with you! I loved seeing all of your wonderful veggies growing, and sunflowers are my absolute favorite flower ever!!!! Your photos are perfect for the last week's SOC colors! I have loved following your blog through the SOC, and again, I want to thank you for encouraging me to participate with you! Thanks so much, my friend!

  3. I agree with Sharon and Shahrul - WOW! Your garden is beautiful! Great photos too. The sunflowers are so beautiful! Do you roast the seeds, or are they just to look at? Probably sounds like a dumb question - ha. Happy birthday to Summer - what a beautiful name she has!

  4. Beautiful garden!! You guys should be very, very proud! Everything looks wonderful and made me Which reminds me, I need to go out to mine and gather potatoes for supper! How fun is that? Don't you just love heading out to your backyard to gather fresh veggies for eating? I swear, I am a woman obsessed!!

    Do not worry about the rain, we had a very wet Spring and although it hindered the growth a little, it really shouldn't kill anything..plants are tougher than we think!!

  5. Hi Dawn, Love your garden. It is so big, I would not call it a garden. And so many veggies, great. Like the picture of your feet, very funny.
    Bye Carla

  6. A Belated birthday wishes to Summer. I'm sure she is glad to be home with her wonderful family. Hope you all had a great day.
    Oh my! You've got such a lovely garden Dawn. Since we're living in an apartment, I'm all the more amazed to see these beautiful veggies and flowers. Even my hubby loves gardening,maybe one day he too will get to do it. Yes, when I saw these pictures I too was thinking about how awesome it would be to sketch these sunflowers/vegs. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  7. Thanks so much for the garden tour seeing your beautiful veges growing. My husband misses his vege garden so much since we moved into the city...he would love to be back on acres again.
    Glad to hear Summer is home safe and sound, and belated happy birthday to her :)

  8. I love your garden! We've felt really blessed to be able to grow tomatoes this year as it's usually too hot for them here. (it's still hot I just found a variety that seems to do better in the heat) Thank you for sharing with us and I hope your daughter had a great birthday.:)

  9. My garden is not doing as well as yours, but that's because I only planted a few herbs this year. I gave up on veggies after last year's debacle. I actually like this entry. There's some sage and sepia colors in those pictures, and my sunscreen is a slight tan (grin).

  10. So awesome to have your own garden!! (NYC girl here ;) So much fresher & tastier! I loved that you used your garden photos for this last week of SOC...I can see the sage & sepia! I did a similar thing myself as I was away & didn't have any paints with me. Happy Birthday to your daughter too!

  11. I love your garden photos, I am insanely jealous. My gardening skills are a work in progress. Happy birthday to your daughter. I still remember how big it felt when I turned 15.

  12. Thanks so much ladies for your comments and enjoying my garden walk. I love doing these walking posts! It's been so fun to see your art each week this summer! Sad to see it end!

  13. Hi again!
    I just wanted to personally thank you for all of your love and energy and support of everyone during this SOC. I am SO glad you shared all of your beautiful work with us and SO happy to have met you through this process. You are infectious and a joy to be around! Kristin xoxo

  14. You are an amazing story teller - thanks for the walk through the garden - I enjoyed every step - the veggies are wonderful - isn't it special to watch them - always loved that - great pics - oh and I love the cloud pics - the sunset is where I stand also down at the lake when I go down there - or I go out and sit on the big rocks - love it!

  15. Very pretty. Love the pics and colors. Great job !!!!!