Monday, July 1, 2013


I am happy and sad that it's July already, by this point the rush of summer goes by and it's back to school time already. I haven't done a HELLO post lately so thought today was a perfect day for it.

Hello to ME winning the SOC giveaway last week, all those purple/lime green thoughts helped me win the YUMMY giveaway from Kristin's blog. SOOOOO excited about this today!!

Hello to the new colors at SOC this week, PINK AND GRAY, YOU KNOW I LOVE THESE

Hello to 3 special birthday's this month. My sweet little Sienna will be 5, sigh. My daughter Summer will be 15 and my niece 12 already. I blinked again ladies, gotta quit blinking don't we.

Hello to the garden growing and veggies growing already. So happy it's doing well. We even have some sunflowers coming up too.

Hello to more pool time and hoping to hit the beach finally if weather stays warm enough

Hello to a whole new month to play, relax, enjoy, no schedules, no packing lunches

Hello to celebrating 4th Of July, my 2nd favorite holiday after Thanksgiving. I LOVE LOVE seeing red, white, blue in my house and all over town this month. So proud to live here and celebrate this day with my loved ones.

Hello to having fun at the water parks and amusement parks

Hello to sitting outside looking at the clouds, never gets old to me

Hello to starting a tradition of sunset watching on Saturday nights

Hello to bonfires and smores, YUM!!

Hello to camping, more time outdoors, YIPPEE

Hello to walking the track and more walks with my MOM!

Hello to Sam and Summer going to first time church camp, WILL MISS THEM SOOOO MUCH

Hello to Renee learning to drive, yep we are still in the process hoping tomorrow it will be her temps. license and then driving with Rich starts

Hello to taking Ali Edward's HELLO STORY which starts this Saturday. I am almost there on the money part, after this week I am just squeezing it in on time.

Hello to playing more with my PROJECT LIFE, still love it so much

Hello to making lots more cards for Summer Of Color

Hello to the new movie TURBO coming out, we all want to see it

Hello to whatever new and exciting things that will happen this month

Wishing all of you a HAPPY JULY !! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SWEET COMMENTS ON MY PURPLE AND LIME GREEN POST BELOW!! I really did have fun and hope to again this week. I'm hoping to post PL in a few days and my SOC for this week so watch for those. Happy holidays to everyone who celebrates it here. Stay safe and enjoy being with your loved ones. HUGS!


  1. What a wonderful post. I love reading these and finding out what you are all up to. School holidays are just around the corner for us (2 weeks off) and I am so looking forward to the break. Renee driving OMG that is freaking me out, is it freaking you out??
    Thanks for brightening my day.
    Love me :-)

  2. Yay!!. I am still excited over your winning!!. Happy 4th of July, hope it'd be sunny so you could go out see a parade or just have a great lunch out :). Yes, I'm saying hello for your vege garden and more photos of the sunflowers!

  3. Happy July to you, too, Dawn! I loved reading your happy post! And another great big congratulations to you for winning the SOC drawing! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

  4. Oh, my! You've really been busy - I love all of your pink and gray creations, Dawn!