Monday, July 15, 2013


HELLO PROJECT LIFE!! I am happy to post some pages today, it's been too long!! Let's jump right into July shall we, here is the spread from two weeks ago which was also our 4th of July holiday. That week the colors at SOC were gray/pink so I mixed that in a bit, felt a little weird since I usually go all out with RED/WHITE/BLUE that week. How about some close ups...
I LOVE all these pictures/stories so much! Click to see better
Can you say PINK!! I love that some of the pictures came out with pink in them!! Even Rich is wearing his favorite Cleveland Indians PINK hat while weeding. Love the flowers!
I LOVE LOVE this weeks pages. I did this in 20mts this morning, how's that for quick and simple!! The colors at SOC were RED and YELLOW so I tried to put those where I could. My niece had her bday and her favorite color is BLUE so I had to add some blue in for her. Close ups....
Did you notice some collages popped in both weeks, haha couldn't resist. I had soooo much with the SOC colors this collage was perfect and makes me happy!
LOVE LOVE this side so much!! CUTENESS!! So happy for these stories and for PL again this week. I even got my mom and me in there, thanks MOM!! We had a great week.
I am caught up now with PL, will post the end of June's pages later this week?? Have a WALK THRU THE GARDEN post coming soon too. It looks amazing and so green!
We are a little sad here today since our Summer went to church camp yesterday and will be back on Friday. Its so weird not having her here with us, doing something special in PL about this. Keep her in your prayers that she survives the extreme heat we are having and riding horses all day in the sun.
Hoping to do some scrapping soon if I can stop painting and card making. Ali's HELLO STORY class started last Monday and WOW, she is amazing as always. I really want to work on the first weeks story ideas but it requires digging around a bit for older pictures and I'm in no mood to do that. The class is open till Wednesday I believe if you are interested in joining. Oh and she is showing a PL idea each week too, LOVE LOVE that part. I'm using one of them for this week's pages.
Thanks SO MUCH for the comments on my last RED/YELLOW post, so sweet to read them. I really had so much fun with those colors and will play with them again soon. This weeks colors are sage and sepia, not sure what I will do but probably something with nature. Sad to see SOC end this week.
Take care and come back soon for more fun posts!! HUGS!!
p.s. Nancy I missed you in church Sunday!!! Not happy about that, lol.


  1. Dawn, you continue to inspire me with your Project Life pages! I am loving all the color in these two weeks spreads! I love that you included the potato chip bag - that will be fun to look back on some day! Beautiful pics of the kids and cute one of the pup too! I know you have probably talked about this before, but I would love to know more about how you make your photo collages! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi Michelle, I'm so happy you came by, have missed your comments, THANK YOU!! I order the collages thru Walgreens, just like the regular photos only I pick the collage link. It takes you right thru the steps in making it and costs the same as a 4x6. Hope this helps!

  3. So many stories this time and you took only 20 mts to do it? Wow! My PL is pending. I've to do from June, think I should also get a Becky Higgins kit/ cards.Love that flower inspiration collage Dawn:)The 3 girls in pink, that photo is so cute. Thank you for sharing on how and where you take your collage pictures.
    SusaN.(Got your mail dear friend, will reply soon.)

  4. I think these are gorgeous layouts. I am not a scrapbooker, but I can at least appreciate.

    It's hot here, too. Very, very, very hot! And did I mention humid?

  5. e It was a great night with the smores, fireworks, rain and all the kids - thanks for the idea and invitation - Happy Happy 4th!!