Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Week without Summer PL and Hello Story

HELLO PROJECT LIFE!!! I had so much fun putting this week's pages together, kinda made up for the sad feelings all week with Summer being gone. I had some help from the class Hello Story which started 3 weeks ago, LOVE LOVE THIS CLASS!! I've always loved Ali Edward's style of writing and she goes all out in this class, so awesome watching her put layouts together and hearing her thoughts on them. What  I really love too is that each week she gives us one prompt/idea/printables for Project Life, you know how much PL means to me so this is just icing on the cake. Her idea came right in time for the week Summer would be gone and it was so fun to put this together. I used my iphone for these and kept track all week of what we did without Summer and what her siblings did in her place while she was gone. I learned a few things about Summer while she was gone, besides the worries, lack of sleep, bad feelings in the pit of my stomach, praying the weather would cool down for her I found out a few things. First there was just over a gallon left of milk before grocery day, proof that she is the one drinking all the milk, that she teases/pesters me the most of all the kids, that she hangs out with me the most, that Renee and Sam got along better without that 3rd party in the middle of them, the house was quiet and man do I love seeing her smile everyday.
We all missed her like crazy, Sam kept asking about her all day, everything reminded us of her, we were so happy to get her back on Friday. So how about some close-ups....
here is the left side, click on the image to see and read better. I love the title for this week and have already started this week the same about Sam being gone. Summer already read this and loved it so I'm sure in a few years she will love it again. Oh, and she did have a good time at horse camp by the way. She was tired and learned a lot but was glad to come home and shower and sleep in her bed.
here is the right side. I had a few different ways on how to end the week and chose this one. Almost wasn't going to put the two last photos of her but want her story in here too, this week was just as important for her so I did some journaling on one card for her. I love the photos from this week, was a nice way to be reminded of her all week, writing down the notes and taking certain type of photos.
Thanks so much Ali for your inspiration and sharing them with us!!
We dropped Sam off Sunday night and wanted to go back a couple of hours later to get him, even the girls miss him BUNCHES!! We barely got thru yesterday and today but thanks to the pastor at our church going out there today called us and assured me that Sam was doing GREAT and his words to him were "I'm having a BLAST!!" so now we feel a little better and will hang in there till Friday. I can't wait to do another week with this same look. The house is even quieter and no little boy hugs and tucking in at night makes me sad, one day he will be too big for these, sigh.
Thank you thank you everyone for your wonderful comments on my garden post. So happy you enjoyed it and it worked out ok for my SOC post, good news is the garden did ok even with all the water damage. All that rain just made it grow even more!! I will keep sharing these pictures with you.
Have a great week everybody and thanks again for your visits!!


  1. Hi Dawn! I am so happy that your girl is home safe and sound! I know all about that feeling in the pit of your stomach! Katie goes back to college in 1 month, and I think it will happen to me all over again!!!! Anyway, I absolutely love what you did with your PL pages this week! Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us! And thank you, also, for being such a supportive and wonderful friend!!!

  2. Dawn, Thanks so much for your comments on my BPC stuff for Hello Story. Yes it has been far too long. My blog went by the sidelines for a while as we dealt with my sister's death and my mom's illness. The past few months were very difficult. Things are picking up now and I am thrilled to be in an Ali Edwards class once again.

  3. I'm happy that Summer is back home :). This must be what my mom felt when I was off to boarding school in my teens. LOVE the new style of PL this week, lots of notes & funky arrows!. Creative!.

  4. Great story and wonderful pages Dawn. Love the red title you have given for this page and that arrows look very cute. I'm sure Summer is going to love and appreciate these pages even more after many years.

  5. I'm so glad you stopped by, because I dropped by last week, when I thought you might have a wrap-up of your SOC. I even came by a bit later, but didn't leave another comment like I should have.

    I had to laugh at the double meaning I first envisioned when I read the title, then the post. It took me FOREVER to figure out that you were talking about your daughter, whose name is Summer, and not the actual season! OK, you can stop laughing, now.

    I really like how you scrap. I have only created one scrapbook page in my life and that was at a Stampin' Up party years and years ago. You do it so well, and so flawlessly.

    I hope to keep in touch in the future and I look forward to joining you with mandalas and possibly tea, too!

  6. Lol im sure was tough time. Glad u still scrap too.