Thursday, May 15, 2014

A Day in the Life

Hello!! I'm sharing photos and words from last Thursday when I documented our day for Ali Edward's  "Day in the Life" prompt. It was a last minute decision for me and I'm soooo glad I did it. From sun up to sun down this day was better then I could have dreamed and I got some cute pictures that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise. I too roughly 80 pictures, half on camera and other on the phone. I carried them both around all day so not to miss anything. I didn't take much notes this time, just wanted to let the pictures tell the story. Here is a look at our day...
You can see in the above it's morning time and the beautiful sky is calling me outside, love when the sky is gorgeous like this. Let's just say the sky stayed this way all day and as of today we've had a full week of warm/hot temps and it feels sooooo GOOD!! I have had shorts on all week, YIPPEE!!!
this is one of my favorites today, all legs and so pretty
after the kids left I pulled out some photos and scrapped
notice the sun coming in, LOVE THIS!!
Look at this cutie!!! I found him out front after running errands, so cute!
the morning warmed up very fast, couldn't believe how warm it was. took a walk with Lucky around the yard and soaked all that warm and sun. Here you see the leaves are going to bloom soon, YAY!
Lucky and I sat on the deck many times this day, YAY!!
I worked on this layout all day, did a lot of thoughtful journaling on it.
by now it was about time for kids to get home
Lucky and I go out on deck before the kids get home, YAY!! LOVE!
By now it has been warm/hot all day and I haven't gotten much done but am so happy!
So thankful for this picture and these two sharing hugs often.
Once dinner ( Pizza Hut) and dishes are done I head out with Rich and Lucky. Seriously all I want to do is move outside and just live out there now. The winter was too long and cold for me,  so I get a little obsessive about the warm days now I guess, lol.  All week the chores barely got done nor much art or scrapping, it's just too nice to be inside. I think Lucky notices and enjoys it too!!
Summer and I volunteer and finalize plans for Saturday's fundraiser
She took a CUTE CUTE picture of us in the van on the way here, you will see it in my PL.
Once back home, I head straight outside with a book and Lucky to watch the sun go down. Like I said this day/sky was awesome from sun up to sun down!!  Rich was out watering the onions in the garden at this time too. Wish he could have been home all day to enjoy the sun too.
LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! So good to be outside watching for this sunset, beautiful to see and thanking God for all the good in my day.  To some it may be ordinary but to me it's perfect and I'm thankful every day for all these little moments and a way to document them. After this, I went in and packed lunches, did some picking up and getting Sam ready to bed then sitting downs right 9 to watch Grey's Anatomy. Hard to believe it's been a week since this day.
So for this day I would say the SUN ruled over most of it and I wouldn't change a think.
Can't wait to show you my PL for this week, I didn't use all the photos but like what I did. Documenting this day just made me happy to be scrapping again and looking for more stories and a chance to love my family even more then I do. Hope you enjoyed it.
Have a great weekend and I will be posting my T time post on Sunday or early Monday morning.
If you didn't see my post below yet, please take a look. I posted my first 12 layouts out of 29, YAY!! I've been on a scrapping roll and am thrilled with them and with sharing them with you. Thank you!


  1. Hi Dawn! I just love seeing all of yoru beautiful photos. I really liked the sunrise and sunset pics! But my most favorite are the hugs!!!!
    I also want to let you know that I nominated your blog for the Liebster Award. Feel free to accept or not. I just love your blog, your art, and your love for life!

  2. So wonderful to see the photos and description of your day! I've never seen a turtle with a long tail like that - so fascinating and cute! I'm off to look at your 12 layouts post...Have a great week!

  3. Aww... looks like a PERFECT day!!!! Thanks for sharing Dawn!

  4. Beautiful pictures Dawn. I especially love the first and the last ones. Isn't nature amazing! Wonderful to see Lucky in many of the photos. Hope the warm weather stays for long.