Sunday, May 18, 2014

Happy Mandala Monday!!!

Hello!! I have a fun post to share with you today, one that I've been waiting months for. First here's a couple quick look at things going on here this week. First the weather did finally start going back down, some days even cold and freezing at night. Then we had days like the one above and it makes me happy again. Look at the GREEN on the trees and gorgeous sky, I can stare at this all day.
My sister Annie got the keys to her very first house, YIPPEEE!! She is so excited and we are too, lots of new fun adventures I'm sure for her now. This weekend she spent mowing her lawn, her first lawn to mow, YAY!!  A family of baby bunnies surprised her in the yard while mowing, thankfully she didn't hit them and all are safe and scared and hiding again. They are soooo cute and tiny!!
My mom was showing us her jumping skills, AWESOME JOB MOM!! She beat us all at this and looks so good doing it too!! LOVE THIS mom, thank you for always being so fun!!
After all that jumping I had to get an official first feet photo at Annie's!!
The fundraiser for Kristin went better then we could have imagined. More on this later!
My girls made me the BEST AWESOMEST CREATIVE mother's day card ever!! I love them and will probably leave them out all year. All I want is cards and they did so great on them.
Now to share what I've been waiting for! Any guesses as to what I'm excited for??!! Couldn't keep Romeo out of the picture, he kept coming back just as I clicked, lol.
Did you guess Mandala?!!  I finally got to make one and it's my first spring one, YAY!! I found all these goodies at my grandma's last Tuesday and clipped and brought them home. The wind was out so I had to bring it indoors, not as much fun but just happy to have made one. Click on the image to see the little flowers. I love how it came out, took me  few tries to get it right and block the wind coming thru the window and door/ it was warm out but windy. Happy Mandala!!
I made a few others ones while I could with some of the other flowers and will post them in the coming weeks. By then I hope to have more colorful things to work with on my own each week. Whatever I picked here was almost wilted and/or there was lots of them in her yard so I don't feel too bad for picking them. I did save some of these in vases so I could admire them thru the day.
The lilacs are growing beautifully and smell so good, they are also on my table. Will try to get pictures for next time. So happy to have spring here and all the green and color around here.
I am thankful for Dawn at Girl Unwinding  and her beautiful mandalas that inspired me to start making them last August. She is so awesome and inspiring in all she does.
Hope you had a good weekend and will see you on Tuesday for T Time!


  1. Wow, that orange and green are just so cheerful and uplifting (kind of make you feel like your mom in that photo!! man, she got some air!!)

    So happy for your sister, what an awesome feeling to finally have a place to call your own. And I am glad to know that others take those feet shots, too. When we are out in a group at some point I say, "okay, everyone stand in a circle so I can take a picture." Funny how no one questions it, lol
    Happy Mandala Monday to you !!!

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  7. Hello. Yes!!! It is great to have my own place. Thanks dawn and 6 little bunnies running around ....

  8. How wonderful. What a fun week it looks like you had. I would have been by sooner, but my internet is acting up right now, and I've been off more than on these past few days.

    Sounds like your sister is acclimating to home ownership. Yard work will ALWAYS make you feel the pride of ownership. Of course, once she mows, trims, rakes, prunes, etc. for a few weeks, she might wish she was renting once again (grin).

    Loved all the photos of your family, and the one at the fundraiser. your mom must be a hoot.

    It's too windy for mandalas at my place, and I don't seem to have the right stuff for them. SO glad you were able to bring some mandala fodder home from your grandmother's. This one is gorgeous.

  9. Fabulous!!! Love the updates and fun shots, congrats to Annie, and mom is awesome with that jump!
    As always, beautiful mandala!

  10. Good to see the old mandala days again... Love the color combos you have used on it. Congrats on your sister's new house. Wow! I love this shot where your Mom is jumping.Now I can see from where you get all that humor from-:) The Mother's Day cards look so awesome and the best part is that the kids knew what you love the most. I'm so happy to hear that the fundraiser event had gone well.
    Have a great week my friend. See you tomorrow for Tea..

  11. Love your flower. What is Mandala day? We don't celebrate that here in Australia.