Wednesday, May 28, 2014

This last week....

Hello and happy last week of May!!! WOW, summer time is really coming and I'm so ready for it. As of today there is 8 more days left of school, YIPPEE!! The kids are ready for a long break and so am I, really it's because of the long cold winter, just feels so good to see summer weather coming.
This past week has been a rough one, we had to put my mom and Kristin's dog they raise together down. She got sick suddenly and in a matter of days sicker. Kristin was away at training camp for her mission trip when it happened. This was hard on all of us but we pulled together as a family and gave Diamond a loving, lots of hugs and tears and thank you for being a  good dog wishes as they put her to sleep. She is a fighter and so strong, now she is in heaven running around like a big puppy and feeling no more pain or hip problems that she's had for years. We love you Diamond.
Thankful for the warm beautiful week we had, spent most of my time just sitting outside with Lucky. My bible with me at all times, reading Nehemiah is what helped me get thru this rough week and will help me again when Kristin does leave. All of a sudden it's becoming real that she won't be here and my heart is breaking just a little, ok a lot. But, already I'm feeling so much better about it and know this is going to be such an amazing, growing, life changing year ahead of her. I'm super excited for her and the others she will meet and help and show her love to. I've been praying like crazy for her and strength for both of us and know with our family, church family and friends and supporters we are going to be ok. One day at a time is my goal now too, not thinking past that.
Did some grid art with Sienna and we both love grids now! Also did some flower art but forgot to get a picture, will share them later. Working slowly on PL, lots of big stories so I'm squeezing them all in. Scrapped 3 more layouts week before last too, YAY!! Slowly getting more done.
We had a great, super, warm long 3 day weekend!! So nice to all be home together and just enjoying the nice weather. Got some yard work done, went out for dinner, tried to sleep in but got up early by habit, bike rides, had our family picnic on Monday, here is the first bonfire/smore's of the year. Didn't want the weekend to end but it did and now we are back to work and school and count down to the last day of school. Hoping the weather will stay warm thru the summer, we are ready for it.
I will be back to T Time next week, sharing my second date with my mom. Can't forget to post my Hello June highlights either, love doing these. Will share Project life as it gets done too.
Have a great rest of May everyone, thanks for visiting!!


  1. Best Wishes and my Prayers to Kristen. She is embarking on a wonderful journey... The bonfire picture is beautiful. Good memories to be cherished, right?Hope you all have a great time during the holidays.

  2. Yep, I so agree with you there, summer is here and I don't really like it here in Vegas during summer time. : (
    Glad that you have family together for the long weekend and sorry to hear about the dog.

  3. Oooooh, Dawn! Beautiful photos!!! I love the hazy sun photo, the photo of your tree, and the bonfire!!! I don't like super hot and humid days, either! And I want you to know that I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Diamond. I will keep all of you in my prayers, my friend.

  4. So sad to hear about the loss of Diamond. It is never easy losing a beloved pet. My thoughts and prayers are also with you as you journey through one day at a time. Letting go is hard. Love your fire. We like having family time around the fire. Such good memories made there. Much love to you Dawn. <3

  5. I finally had a moment when my internet seems to be stable, so thought I'd better drop by before it crashes again. I'm so sorry to read about the loss of Kristin's Diamond. I know that pain, too, having lost two other loved four legged loved ones.

    School is out here. It was out the Friday before Memorial Day. Sorry to read your kids all have to go back.

    I'm glad YOU are looking forward to summer. I am NOT. I'm not a summer gal. I'll stay under the AC all summer, because I hate the heat and humidity.

    Love the firepit photo and the lovely tree, though. Glad spring has finally arrived at your place, just in time for summer to appear.