Monday, May 19, 2014

T stands for secreT daTe with my mom

Hello and Happy Tuesday!! My mom is the star of my post today!! I'm sure she's thrilled to know this, are you smiling mom! I took her on a small secret date and managed to get a few photos that count as a  T time post. Before starting that I want to say a big THANK YOU THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the wonderful comments on my layouts last week. It made me so happy to read each one of them, all the support and kindness and excitement for me showed so much from you!! I have more to share from that same big batch with you today. Sadly, my days have been busy and not much scrapping has happened but I'm going to try and squeeze it in this week when I can.
Now onto my date night with mom. I had big ideas of taking my mom to our local garden center for a workshop as her birthday/mother's day gift since they are close together. When I called the first workshops were over and they weren't going to start back up till June if they could get enough to sign up. I was really hoping they would be doing a wreath workshop but they aren't. While talking to the owner about this she mentioned that the first 3 Tuesday's in May they were having a special ladies night. She explained that there would be a few vendors, one being Simply Tasteful which is something I've ordered before and love it. There would also be wine and cheese, raffles and discount on plants. I told her that this was something I wanted to do with my mom and she loved the idea and said that is what these Tuesday's and workshops are all about. She wants to bring something to our small community here so we don't have to travel far to do fun things together. I love that and support any thing our town can do to have these more. So I told mom to be ready on Tuesday and it was a secret. Not quite the big workshop I hoped for but just a little time spent together not far from home.
I was trying to tell her how to dress and if she should eat before I came without accidently telling her where we were going. This was so funny for both of us, think we did ok except it was colder then we thought it would be. Tonight is the last night and we hope to go again!!
She liked my plan as soon as we got there, I explained it all to her and we got out of the car to check it out. We went to the first vendor that I mentioned above and we loved the samples we got to taste. I bought our Fiesta Dip the kids like to make and liked their new orange pineapple bread. Mom got a couple things she liked too. The lady was so nice and fun and not pushy at all, I LIKE THAT!!
The next vendor was from Pampered Chef and not as enjoyable. She didn't carry anything with her like the other lady had, so my mom had to order it and pay for shipping. We felt she should have carried some of her products with her to save the customers money. We might just avoid her tonight.
Then we went to the jewelry vendor and my mom fell in love with several pieces. The lady was so sweet to mom and talked and shared about each piece my mom liked. It was a small fortune for some of these pieces so mom had to walk away empty handed.
Here is my beverage/cup post for today. My mom had a little cup of wine and I tried the cucumber water. You can click on the image to see the wine names better, can't remember which one she had. I did like the water, nothing exciting but it was ok for this event. Notice the mini M&M's too.
Here is the snack table, it was so good and more then we thought. The owner had told me just cheese and wine but there was 4 other things with it. We tried the meatballs in the crockpot first and even had seconds they were sooo yummy!! Then we tried this dip with spinach/tomatoes/cream cheese, this was VERY good and we had lots of it. There was a bean dip too which my mom liked and I thought was ok, a bit too spicy for me. Then the cheese drizzled with olive oil and herbs and crackers with it. These were ok and not what I thought they were going to have out. So that small buffet filled us up along with the samples at the vendors. YAY, love when that happens.
We didn't buy any plants and we didn't visit the purse, spa, dog vendors,  not of any interest to us. We did put our raffle ticket in the Simply Tasteful bag and hope to win it! They pull names tonight.
So not bad for a couple hours together and yummy food! Thank you mom for enjoying it! If we do the workshops later on I will take pictures and share them. Will share if tonight's food is different too.
This post already seems long but I will squeeze in some layouts if you can hang in there.
here is ones with my favorite white space!! I must say each of these make me happy and is a favorite story and love the look of each one. Click on the image to see/read better. That first one is really old.
More white and still using that same pad of paper I bought.
More white again, lol.  The top two were made with challenges on the BPC event from this day. These aren't my favorite layouts but the stories are special, I felt rushed when making these and don't like when that happens. They are done though and I just have to keep going.
Here is a non white one for you!! I am trying to use each paper in the pack and couldn't find any pictures to go with this one. Finally found this picture and love how it came out! Sienna took these pictures for me by the way and this one is her favorite along with the one of her and Sam above.
I will stop here and save the last few for another time. Hope you enjoyed them and if you read thru this whole post, YAY and THANK YOU!!
Elizabeth is our wonderful hostess today and every Tuesday, to see more T time posts visit her at The Alter Book Lover . Thank you Elizabeth and Happy Tuesday everyone!
P.S. I made my first spring Mandala in the post below if you'd like to see it!


  1. Wow, what a time you had with your mother. Your post reads like you both had a good time. I thought the dips and cheeses sounded awesome.

    I assume you were under no obligation to buy anything at this event, so I think I would tell the Pampered Chef demonstrator to have products on hand, or eat the cost of the shipping. Maybe next time she will be better prepared, OR maybe that's her policy. I've only been to one Pampered Chef party, and I didn't care for the products or the demonstrations. I guess I was in a "fussy" mood when I went, but I got sucked into going by a friend.

    Also, thanks for sharing your latest scrapbook pages, along with your cucumber water. It sounds delicious. And, as always, thanks for joining T today.

    BTW, we set another heat record yesterday, so I suspect it's on the way to you in the next few days, although this weather pattern seems to be stuck in the central plains right now.

  2. i was on-board as soon as i saw "discount on plants" lol it sounds like y'all had great fun.

    i don't do scrapbooking, but if you keep sharing pictures like these i may hafta start :) very nice!

  3. What a nice way to spend time with your mom! Love the scrapbook layouts too!

  4. What a wonderful way to spend time with your mother. It certainly sounds like you both really enjoyed it all. And again, you got a lot of layouts completed and they are so pretty and clean looking. Happy T day!

  5. Oh what a wonderful Mother's Day celebration with your own Mom, Dawn. My mother loves all things gardening as well, so she too would have enjoyed something like this! Gotta love our Mom's! Happy T-Day!

  6. Hi Dawn,
    Great post this week, LOVE your pink LO!
    Got to keep it short, have G-ma duty today and the GD wants to paint....LOL
    I really like Simply Tasteful products, but hate having to have a party.
    Gotta go GD is waiting :)

  7. That sounds like fun for you and your mom! Hope you win! Happy T-Day! :)

  8. Dawn, such a special date night with your Mom! You are so thoughtful and loving. Love the white background of your layouts. Wow! to the little photographer. Have a great week. Wishing you a good night today with your Mom.

  9. How thoughtful you are to have come up with an outing to celebrate with your Mom. Everything looks like fun but the real gift you gave her is time together. That's how I feel when my daughters suggest Mom/Dtr time anyhow.


  10. Thanks for sharing more scrapbook pages. They are all lovely, but my two favorites are the one with the sideways chevron and the one with the pink background.

    Your ladies' night out sounds like a lot of fun, and the food and atmosphere look great. I know my community has ladies' night once a month, but I've never attended. Now I want to try it out! Thanks for the good idea, and have a happy T Day.

  11. Sounds like you and your mom had a fun time! That was an unique idea and a great way to spend time together. I don't like to feel pressured by vendors either. I would think they might make more sales if they had at least some products with them, but it might be company policy to do it only by mail. Thanks for sharing your lovely pages, too!

  12. Fun date with mom Dawn!!! The layouts are so sweet!

  13. what a lovely outing with your mom- a very unique event to have at a Garden and thrifting and antiquing are some favorite things that I do with my mom too. Love your wonderful layouts, as always. I just broke down and got a PL binder & pages. Discovered the binder is so big it won't fit on my shelf! lol :) It's quite different from regular scrap book pages, at least for me, but does seem faster...hoping I will actually save money by putting everything in one big book instead of making a separate little scrapbook for each occasion. Thanks for sharing your pages...I will be checking back!

  14. What a lovely time you had! And more tonight! Love your spreads and yes, I hate to be rushed, too, but DONE is good.

  15. What a beautiful special time time you have shared with your mum. Great memories to treasure. I love your pages. My favourites are the second picture with the chevron and dot papers. Well Dawn clever lady. Thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Awwwww! What a wonderful date night with your mom, Dawn! Thank you so much for sharing your special memories with all of us!!! and I absolutely love your gorgeous pages, too! yes, the Middle was so funny this week, but, like you, I am sad that this season is over already. Anne, Katie, and I enjoy watching the re-runs on ABC Family channel some times, too! Can you believe that they almost ruined a trip to Disney???? Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, my friend! Hugs!!!!