Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Around here Lucky still is cute and squeezes into small spaces
Around here these 2 still love to build houses to play in
Around here Summer loves to drive in the school parking lot
Around here I decided to write on my ICADs
Around here I did some word collaging and like it
Around here we have pumpkins growing, YIPPEE!!
Around here Rich has been weeding the garden, YAY!
Around here we are slowly going about our days, lazy and simple. Summer is still healing and so we can't go anywhere with much walking. Renee is still working the night shift which makes for tired days afterwards for us both. I am loving these days and don't want them to end. I am enjoying my ICAD cards and new journal so much, want to keep doing both thru August I think just for my own fun. I am working on the SOC colors for this last week and LOVE them so much. Will post those on Saturday and am ready for T on Tuesday and a Mandala on Monday coming up too, YAY! Slowly making progress on my PL and need to really get the pages done so I can share with you.
Hope you are having a good week too, thanks so much for your visits and comments.


  1. Those tiny pumpkins look great but pumpkins remind me of fall. I'm still loving this season. Love your collage work, it is more meaningful with the wordings.
    Have a great weekend

  2. I know, Dawn. I am enjoying these lazy hazy days of Summer and don't want them to come to an end quite yet. I love the photos that you shared here - the one of Lucy is absolutely adorable!!!! Hugs to you, my friend!