Thursday, July 3, 2014


HELLO to Red, White and Blue!!  Love these colors!
HELLO to 4th of July, my second favorite holiday!
HELLO to a whole month of no school
HELLO to Camryn (my niece) turning 13!!!
HELLO to Summer turning 16 !!!!
HELLO to Sienna turning 6 !!!
HELLO to Jennifer visiting this week, YAY!!!
HELLO to the garden growing and growing
HELLO to red ripe fresh tomatoes coming soon
HELLO to making mandalas
HELLO to a mini vacation to Salt Fork
HELLO to Kristin being in her first country
HELLO to swimming at the pool and beach
HELLO to being OUTSIDE!!
HELLO to making smores
HELLO to catching lightening bugs
HELLO to sunset watching
HELLO to root beer floats and ice cream
HELLO to playing tennis, baseball, basketball
HELLO to Heather moved out and not near by, sigh
HELLO to July and all the fun it will bring us
Happy July to all of you too!! Will be back Saturday morning to post my SOC post!


  1. And hello to you, too, Dawn! I just love this post - so happy and full of hope! I cannot wait to see what you come up with using this week's SOC colors, too!

  2. I always love your salute to a new month!

  3. Hello, Hello :) love your painting! Happy 4th of July!

  4. Love your flag painting Your Hello posts always makes me think of how beautiful life is and how thankful I should be for all the blessings showered upon me
    Have a lovely weekend