Thursday, July 31, 2014

Hello August and computer broke

Hello everyone,  my computer broke down so I couldn't link up for my T time post. I know some of you saw it. How frustrating to not have a running working computer when you need it.

I am happpppy to say my dad made it thru his heart bypass and is doing good. He's sore and tired and frustrated but he's here. Will take some effort and time to get him healthy again.

If you don't see me posting soon from my computer that means it's not fixable and I can only post non photo posts from the computer at the library like I am now. YUCK!!

It wasn't letting me post even words so I left a comment in the comment section of the post below for you. Hope you will look at it and then see my comment. Wishing I had did a bunch more pictures into that post now, if only I knew it was going to break down.

Thank you for still visiting me and hope you are doing well. Here's a little Hello August while I have the chance.

Hello to my birthday on the 18
Hello to Rich's and Lucky's birthday on the 19
Hello to kids back to school on the 18
Hello to back to school ice cream at DQ which Renee works at now, how funny is that!
Hello to more driving for Summer
Hello to hopefully more sunshine days
Hello to CORN ON THE COB fresh from our garden
Hello to watermelons from the garden and sunflowers
Hello to flowers growing in the ditch for mandala making
Hello to more bonfires and smores and sunsets
Hello to schedules
Hello to first travel soccer game
Hello to Kristin being in Albania this month
Hello to helping dad get better
Hello to a whole new month to enjoy!

Remember to read the comments in the post below to see more. Thanks again!


  1. I feel really bad. I read your post last weekend that you would NOT be joining us for T this week. When I didn't see your name, I felt sad, but didn't think to come look for you. I am SO sorry.

    I'll post your T post on Tuesday and let everyone know why you can't post.

    Glad to read your dad made it through surgery, and you and the kids are enjoying the last days of summer. I hope Summer had a great birthday, and all is well in your world.

    Here's hoping you get your computer fixed. See you on Tuesday or sooner, for sure.

  2. Dawn sorry abt computer wish I could help. I use blogger on my phone
    Yes glad dad is doing better , long hard road ahead. Xox

  3. Hello to Dawn! I am so sorry that your computer is not working. What a pain!!!! I am glad that you were able to post from your library. Also, I will most definitely keep your dad in my prayers. And happy early birthday to you, my sweet friend! Hugs to you!!!!! Sharon

  4. Welcome to this new month Dawn. I do hope your computer will be fixed soon. I know how frustrating it can be, eeeek. Happy to hear that your Dad is on the healing path. I see that this month is a special one for you. So many birthdays, including yours. Wishing you a wonderful and happy August.

  5. Sorry to hear about the computer and so glad that dad is on the mend, will continue to pray for speedy recovery! And happy birthday in advance!