Monday, July 7, 2014

T stands for Tuesday and arT fun

Hello and Happy T Day!  I'm getting hungry just looking at this picture, I love good picnic food. This is from our family's 4th of July picnic, made sure to get a picture before eating so I could have a cup/beverage for today's post, the day we all head to Elizabeth's  for T day. We had a wonderful long weekend, friends, family and yummy food and good weather. Hope you all had a good weekend too.
The only bad part of the day was Summer spraining her ankle playing basketball with the new ball I just bought for her. Poor girl is stuck on the couch with her foot elevated and wrapped for a week. She is starting to get pretty bored and frustrated at just sitting everyday. Hoping it will heal SOON!
The garden is growing by the hour it seems. So neat how it does that!!
I've had time for some art fun and wanted to share with you a few things.
These are for the State/Country private swap, we could do either theme and make it clear which one. There were 25 of us so I made multiplies of all the ones you see here. Click on the image and you can see that I add some sparkly glue on them, felt they needed a little something extra. I did mess them up at first and had to redo 12 of them and hurry to rush them off. This was the picture of them drying before I packed them up. Will share the ones I receive when they get here.
Even had a perfect day to make a mandala OUTSIDE, YAY!! It's little but I enjoyed it.
Here are my ICADs for the last few days. You can see more in the post below.
If that wasn't enough to keep me busy, I started a new challenge on Instagram. This is a challenge for those who keep lots of planners/journals/ calendars,  you can only have ONE notebook of your choice but only ONE. For those who like to have lots of markers/pens/pencils/ etc you can only use ONE. They are calling it The One Book Only July 2014,   it's just for this month. I'm don't have planners/journals, I only use one calendar.  I do have a thing for pens/sharpies/pencils etc. so this part is a challenge for me. Some have already tweaked these rules, haha, by putting two types of journals together as one. Some of picked their one pen using the kind with different inks to pick from. So funny they are but I'm sticking by the rules so this is my journal and I'm using a PL pen in black.
I forgot to mention, it was hard to pick what size journal to use. Finally picked this one as it was the medium one of 3. The fun part is adding color a different way since I can only use one pen. YAY for washi tape and other goodies I will be adding. Started it off with my HELLO posts I do here.
Here is the July 1st page, going to do a double page for each day. I had to use these colors as it is JULY and 4th of July week, my favorite !!! Dipped my fingers in paint to make these. Messed up on the right side so I added that bit of paper to cover it up.
I'm skipping day 2 and here is Day 3. This is a little different then the DLP since no prompts are given, it's just a challenge of using one book/one pen. I'm thinking of keeping it up as my way as documenting Kristin's mission trip and my daily life and lists for fun. We will see how it goes.
I LOVE THIS PAGE!! My second favorite holiday and favorite colors! This page was pretty just with the stickers on it, almost didn't write anything but knew I had too. I bet this will stay my favorite page all month too. YAY!!!  I saw the same stickers on a couple others doing this challenge.
Here is the Day 5, love having Kristin's picture there. I added a clipping of strawberries and wrote about my day under it. This is like a tip-in I think.
Will share more pages with you next week. I am enjoying it and feels good to be getting so much written down right now too. I'm trying to keep it fun and not stress.
I want to say a BIG thank you for the prayers and good wishes for Kristin on her mission trip. She is at her first country, Kosovo and is the first time they've ever missioned there. She is staying at a church and helping the children learn English and about God. She is doing good and is happy. YAY!
You can follow her and the others on their blogs if you'd like. Go to Kristin Brewster world race to see her blog. She will update it as time permits. The stories are amazing to read from all of them.
Have a wonderful Tuesday and thank you for the visit.
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us this week, I love Tuesdays!!


  1. I love picnic food too! any excuse to cook and eat as a tribe! Love your flag ATC's- must copy!

  2. I can't tell you how much I love picnic salads, and how much I despise hot dogs and ketchup. Sorry. Two of my least favorite food groups (grin).

    Love the mandala. I haven't had time to put anything together, although I should, since I really enjoyed making them, even with a camera that took out of focus shots.

    Glad Kristin is enjoying her year abroad. I'm sure she's loving it right now. I'm still hoping they aren't in any danger, or the organization would probably not sent them there.

    Cute ICADs and nice ATCs. Thanks for sharing these and your new instagram journal with us for T this week. Hope it's a good week, too.

  3. wow, you've had a busy your icad's and the new journal you started! I could never pick just one pen. I would be in so much trouble. lovely pages, and a beautiful mandala too.

  4. Love your mandala. I am afraid I have an embarrassing number of both journals and pens and would be no good at this challenge. Yay for you, though!

  5. That meal looks so good, I could eat it through the screen
    Bridget #1

  6. Hi Dawn! I want to eat picnic food now! Your photo looks yummy! Sending prayers for Summer's ankle to heal quickly! Your garden looks amazing, Dawn! WOW! Ours is a midget in comparison! LOL!!!! and I love all of your ICADs and art journal pages. Very beautiful!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful visit to my blog. Your visits always make me smile. Yes, we have been watching the reruns of "The Middle" almost every day. Anne always asks me when I get home from work: "mom, do you think "The middle" is on?" We cannot wait for the new season to start, too! Thanks again, my friend. Enjoy your day! Hugs!!!!

  7. Glad you had a nice fourth and food is always a fun part of the day isn't it!
    Thank you for sharing your lovely red white and blue creations and more...clearly you are having fun.
    Lovely mandala too!
    Your garden looks lush and full of promise...
    Happy T Day to you and yours...hope the sprained ankle heals quickly that is no fun at all.

  8. I love a picnic! I always choose a picnic when given a choice about where to eat. I'm not a hot dog fan, so I usually pick fried chicken or burgers or chicken salad.

    I love your July 4th page. Looks like a real celebration going on there :)

  9. You've been busy and produced some good stuff. I get bogged down at the "pick a journal" place so I usually just work with various thinks in a mixed media sketchbook. I jump from theme to theme. One day I'll settle on one journal and one theme.


  10. you truly have been getting a LOT of art done dear Dawn!! The patriotic ATCs are wonderful and swapping them is such a nice way to grow a collection of small art from others. Your journal pages are filed with fun and of course, the mandala is lovely as is your growing garden. Happy T day!

  11. Happy T-day Dawn!
    That 4th of July food looks yummy, and I'm not a big hot dog fan either.

    Wonderful art, perfect for this month. I LOVE the tea pot I-card, that is so cool!

    WOW! you have a wonderful garden, wish I had the space for one that large, or even a smaller one....LOL
    Garden in pots just isn't my cup of tea......grin.
    Beautiful Mandala.
    Good luck with your ONE journal and thanks for sharing it. Pretty clever idea.

  12. My goodness, you certainly have been busy, art-wise! The ATCs and ICADs are patriotically beautiful! Hope Summer's ankle heals quickly--no fun to be stuck on the couch!

  13. Happy 4t July it sounds like you had a great time and some awesome food. I so want to come to your country one day and celebrate this occasion, Oh and those vegetables growing what a huge patch. Love the patriotic cards too.

    Happy Tuesday
    Hugs Eliza

  14. Your summer just looks like fun weeks after weeks, sorry about the ankle injury though!
    Oh ya, and I LOVE your journal!

  15. A lovely plateful for the 4th of July. Great atc's...
    Bummer about the sore ankle. Hope she's doing much better now

  16. That picnic food photo is making me hungry too. It looks yummy. You are busy with so many swaps and new projects and I'm so happy for you my friend. Love all that you have shared here. the July 4th cards are fabulous and I like what you are doing with this Instagram challenge.
    Have a wonderful week

  17. Wow! Busy! Busy!
    Sorry to hear about the sprained ankle and hope she's better soon. Lots of cool pages.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  18. Thanks for your lovely comments, rita

  19. Happy T-Day!
    Wow you have been a really busy bee. So productive!
    That is an amazing garden!
    Hope Summer's ankle heal quickly so she can be up and about to enjoy the summer.

  20. What a fun peek into your creative week!