Thursday, August 7, 2014

T stands for Tuesday.... no compuTer still

Hello! Thanks so much for your comments on my T time post! Thank you so much Elizabeth for linking me up for T Time. Feel free to link me up this week too. I only have a short time on computer so making it short and sweet, like me, lol.

I am VERY frustrated not having a working computer, it just started bothering me yesterday and still is today. I'm hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling better about it. We haven't had it checked yet, but computer guy says a red screen isn't a good sign. Costs $25 for them to check it, I don't have that extra right now with school right around the corner. VERY frustrating, sorry had to get it out.

My dad is doing GOOD and is at home resting and recovering from surgery. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for him. It's been a long week for him and will be for some time now. Keep your get well soon thoughts coming please.

around here....

my birthday is in 11 days, YAY
school starts on my bday, weird!
the weather has been cool and hot all week, I change 3x a day and wear jackets some days
the garden is full of the cutest watermelons and baby pumpkins and big pumpkins and tomatoes and sunflowers are opening up, YAY!!

the girls did their own back to school clothes shopping with their own money, so proud of them!
Sam has been playing all day with the neighbors, all summer they barely played and now they can't get enough of each other. So happy to see this!

Summer just got back from church camp and enjoyed it and already misses it.
Renee is busy busy at DQ, we will be going there for our tradition back to school ice cream soon

I am making zentangles for a ATC swap, very tricky these are to make.
My one journal isn't getting much attention, I want to write in it but never get to it.

The kids went to Cedar Point with Rich last week and had fun

I am actually starting to get a little excited for FALL!! ssshhh don't say it out loud yet

Looking forward to a schedule again, will miss kids but nice to have a schedule again

That's about it for this week. Thanks soooo much for still including me in your link up. I did look at everyone's blogs but couldn't comment. So sorry about that, really bothers me.

Take care and have a good week. HUGS!!

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  1. Oh my goodness, dawn. I hope you get your computer back soon. I know - it seems like summer has flown by so quickly. I will miss seeing Katie and Anne every day!!!! I love fall - it's my favorite time of the year, but will miss summer, too! Happy almost birthday! I hope you get your computer back for your birthday, my friend! HUGS to you!!!!!