Monday, August 25, 2014

T stands for back To school Time

Hello and Happy T Day!  We are headed into our second week of school, not sure any of us is ready again this week either. The temps are finally warm and sunny, perfect for the pool/beach but instead the kids are stuck inside at school all day. Wish they could have started in September like we used too. Anyhow, despite our still wanting summer break we went out for the traditional back to school treat at DQ. Now that Renee works there we've had it a few times over the summer but today they had their new fall special in. PUMPKIN PIE BLIZZARDS!!! I love them and so does Summer, so even thought it was warm out it was fall in our treats. Elizabeth, notice that Rich is having a root beer float, first one all summer long and it was good he said.
here is the first day of school picture. They were really not feeling it this year, I usually get a few and some cute/fun ones. This must be what happens when they get too big, sad face here. Summer is missing because she wasn't ready and didn't have to start till lunch time. I'm hoping to get some of her this week, her first full day and full week of school. She's excited and nervous about this new adventure. Is it me or do they look TALL in this picture, Sam just passed me finally in height.
Don't want to forget these cuties! I took them for the last day of summer treat too. Big year ahead for both of them, first grade and pre-k,  big sad face here from me. It is already weird not having Sienna here all day and not having Colt in the morning. Thankful they are both doing so well in their first days of school. Sam was going into first grade when I started watching Sienna, then we blinked.
I did 4 zentangels for a private swap, these are my first zentangles. Click on image to see better if you need. Was glad to only have 4 to make, I wanted each one to be different. Working on fall ones now then we have a Halloween one after that. Excited about these ones.
That's about it for our week, hope you enjoyed and had a good week too. Thanks so much for your visits and comments, they make my day.
Thank you Elizabeth for hosting us again this week. Happy T Day !


  1. p.s. read the post below if you have time, shared a few things there.

  2. fabulous zentangle ATCs Dawn! Ahh, children seem to grow like weeds-at the blink of an eye.Hope they all have a wonderful school year. Happy T day to you!

  3. Ahh the kids grow up so fast.... Hard to believe mine is 27 now seems just like yesterday she was in school too. Her first job was a DQ! :) Hugs! deb

  4. That "blink of an eye" really hits all of us at times. Why just yesterday I was baby sitting the kids across the street, walking Karen to the bus stop at noon for Kindergarten. This coming Saturday is her 40th birthday!

    Love you tangles, they can become quite addictive.

    Happy I want SOMETHING pumpkin!!!

  5. I can sort of remember being that age. My first summer job was being a life guard. Had to go through a full INTENSE week of Red Cross training, but got certified. Can't believe I was freshman when that happened. Had to get recertified each year, too.

    Thanks for sharing all those drinks with us this week, and the kids first day back to school. I'm sure they will be back in the "groove" soon. Maybe in September.

    Love the zentangle. I can't do them because they hurt my hand. My hand gets all cramped up just thinking about it. But you did a fantastic job.

    Thanks for sharing Rich's root beer float (grin), your drinks, and back-to-school photos for T this Tuesday.

  6. first and last days of school always made me melancholy when our boys were young...not easy getting back into a schedule after carefree summer days...these things take time
    thanks for sharing the pix of your family's sweet smiling faces.
    Your doodled ATCs look great
    Happy T Day dear Dawn

  7. I don't have kids myself, but I do hear that it's that time of year again - back to school! This has to make moms around the world ecstatic I'd presume! Oooh, a pumpkin pie blizzard from DQ. Sounds yummy!

  8. It's been hot and muggy here too, and the locusts have been chirping loudly! I don't know how the kids can focus in school when it's so hot (unless the school has air conditioning, which around here they don't) Love your Back-to-School traditions...and a root beer float sounds pretty good right about now! Happy T day!

  9. oops...I forgot to mention...LOVE your Zentangles! isn't doodling just the best?! very meditative...:)

  10. Kids grow so fast, don't they? Hope everyone will have a great school year, and hope that you will have a good T Day!

  11. I still cant get used to the fact that children go to school in normal clothes as opposed to a uniform. All our schools from primary to high school have uniforms. Love that zentangle swap, wonder if anyone else is running one that I could play in.
    Bridget #3

  12. Beautiful pictures of your family Dawn. We will be starting school next week. It is exciting and sad at the same time to see our children growing up right! Your zentangles are awesome. My favorite is the first one.
    Thank you for your mail and comment on my post dear friend. You made my day. Somedays I feel as if I'm stuck and friends like you only encourages me to go on.
    Have a wonderful week

  13. You've had a full week. Building those stores of memories, I see :) Happy T Tuesday!

  14. Fab tangles and very cute kiddie too! I have to say much as I love my kiddos, I don't miss those school daze!

  15. I blizzard sounds sooo good! I haven't had one for years! I used to love fall and school starting. Of course a lot of that was my love of school supplies--ROFL!! ;)
    Happy T-Day! :)

  16. School is all settled back here and I miss having my Wee Man around, but today was sunny so we skipped homework and went to the park instead. Much more fun! The school years fly by once the kiddos start don't they. Shame - for us, who enjoy them being small, lol. :D It looks like everyone enjoyed those drinks and ices too :D
    Thank you for you comment on my blog, I appreciated your visit :D

  17. We will have quite the rude awakening next week with school...quite literally. That 5:15 alarm is going to be brutal!!
    Such a fun DQ tradition....and pumpkin pie blizzards...sign me up!

  18. Wonderful post Dawn, I don't have kids that need to go back to school, I do have 2 that are in colleges, but one work for the school so she is not with me all summer, and one interned in Singapore, so... I don't feel any different when school year started here August 25, however, I do need to go back for teaching next month, so we'll see if I am feeling the way you do, LOL!

  19. I love your zentalgles, Dawn! I have yet to try it! I hope that all of your kids enjoy school this year, and that you enjoy your time, too!