Sunday, August 10, 2014

T stands for Tuesday with picTures !!!

Hello, I'm back!! YIPPEE!!! So glad to be posting pictures again!!  Good news on the computer, it was only the monitor that blew, not the whole computer. Rich brought home a spare monitor from work and tested it and it's working, so we will shop for a new one after school things are settled. The monitor he brought home is super small though and I can barely see the words I'm typing or the picture, lol.  But, it's WORKING, YIPPEEE!!!
Today is a post that I took back in July and wanted to share for a T Time post. The image above is from the tv show Tree House Masters, it's on Friday nights and Sam likes to watch it. This episode was about a tree house for a couple who loves drinking tea. He actually made them a little T stove, just for making T on. I forget all that he said now, it's been too long but they were VERY happy about it. I was thinking how neat it would have been if all of us had gotten to see it, Sam told me at the end of it what they were doing so I only got a few pictures of the inside and not the whole tree house. It looked pretty, hard to tell in this picture but it was.
here is two other pictures. Thought it was pretty cool that someone wanted a special place to enjoy Tea time together. I'm sure it will be a rerun on this one day in the future if you want to look for it.
Thanks so much for your visits and prayers for my dad. He is doing good and is at home resting up, for once we are helping him like he always does for everybody he knows. The poor guy has so many friends they keep coming by and he doesn't get any good naps in. Thankfully they've slowed their visits and calls so he can get the real rest he needs. I just went there yesterday and he had baby deer and a mama one in his back yard. They are friendly and feel safe in his neighborhood, so neat to see them this way. Rich would love to have that in our yard.
Hope you've all had a good week and enjoying the last of summer, can you believe it's August already. The summer flew by so fast this time, it was the most craziest one we've had.
I posted a picture below in a test and it worked and I did a post below that from the library last week. Please read them if you can, it's all I had to show you for now. I haven't taken much pictures since I knew I couldn't upload them here. Will have more fun pictures next week, the kids will be back to school then and it's my birthday next Monday, YAY!!!
I made this mandala last month too, don't think I got share it with you.
Thanks again Elizabeth for linking me up last Tuesday, so nice of you. I won't be able to visit anyone till Wednesday morning, sorry will be gone tomorrow and Tuesday. Didn't want to miss out again and I'm soooo excited to have my computer working again.
Have a great week! HUGS!!


  1. I'm so glad you found out what the problem was with your computer. It sounds like a relatively minor problem, at least a LOT cheaper than having to buy the entire thing. Glad you were able to post, and had a chance to enjoy tea with us this week.

    Never heard of that show, but it sounds sweet. I would love to have tea in a tree house like that.

    Glad your father is doing better and now getting the rest he needs. I'm sure he appreciated all his friends calling on him, though.

    That's a lovely mandala. I haven't made a single one this year, and I feel bad about it, too. I have had so many other challenges to deal with, it's hard to schedule them all. I'm glad you've been making yours, though.

    Happy T day. So, so glad you were able to join in again this week.

  2. What a great tree tea house!
    Your mandala is gorgeous Dawn.
    Sending lots more good wishes for your father's full recovery.
    Take Care and Happy T Day

  3. Having tea in a tree house would be a whole lot of fun. Glad to hear your father is doing well. Glad that you got the computer figured out enough to join us for T.


  4. I've never heard of that show,but the teapot you pictured looks nice. I'm glad your dad's recovery is being uncomplicated and that he has such good support.

  5. I'm just catching up now too Dawn. Sorry to hear about your father but am happy he is doing much better and has so much support. I'd love a special place for tea like this tree house! What a relief it must be to know you only need a new monitor and that you were able to get one temporarily to use-we certainly do rely on them quite a lot:) Lovely mandala. Happy T day!

  6. So happy to hear your Dad is doing better and is now home resting. Glad to hear also that your computer trouble is sorted and it's just a new monitor you need. Your mandala is just so delicate and pretty! Happy T Day!

  7. glad to hear everything worked out with the computer and esp glad to hear your dad is doing well!
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. Hi Dawn, glad to hear your Dad is doing better, and your computer too........grin

    I do watch the Tree House Masters, it is awesome to see some of the tree houses they build, and WHERE they build them. A TH would be such an inviting place to have tea, coffee, would just be neat to have a tree house.....LOL

    Happy T-day

  9. Glad to see your posts again Dawn. I can't believe it is a tree house. Wow! I would love to spend a summer in that-:)
    Happy to know that your Dad is getting better day by day.
    Your mandala look very pretty.
    Have a wonderfful week

  10. So glad your dad is doing better and that your computer fix was an easier one. :) Happy birthday early!! And Happy T-Day!!

  11. Wonderful news to hear that your Dad is doing well! and that is a lovely mandala! I have seen one or two of those tree-house shows and they are amazing...makes me think that some people have more money than they know what to do with...but, to each their own. they are really gorgeous, though. Can't believe school is starting again already...hope your kids have a great year1

  12. Great to hear your Dad is getting better. I would love a tree house just to drink tea but would want it bigger so I could craft too! They are a package in my house!

  13. Glad that the computer issue is solved, glad to know dad is doing well, happy to see your lovely creation again!

  14. Happy T day :) glad to hear your Dad is improving and you know what's up with the computer :)
    The tea room, etc is awesome--love the kettle!
    Summer is slipping by---such a gorgeous moon last weekend :)