Thursday, September 24, 2015

Project Life catch up with Megan and Pocket Your Year!! PART ONE

Hello and welcome to my Project Life catch up space! I've been working hard on finishing up pages from earlier this year and some current pages too. This year I'm in a class called Pocket Your Year with Megan from The NerdNest, she is amazing and I truly believe she's wonderwoman! During the month of August she gave us a challenge everyday in class to inspire us in our PL albums, she also challenged us to get our pages done and have a goal of 500 pages done together as a class by the end of September. These daily challenges could be used or not used to get this goal met, I did both and enjoyed and learned so much from these challenges. I also learned that I'm so done with these kits I have, used them and looked at them too much these last few weeks, will be getting me a fresh new STYLE and new kit soon or for sure next year. I'm posting my first part of pages that are done here for Megan to see and count, will have a part 2 coming this weekend or first thing Monday and I will call it done. Then it will be onto my WITL album which is still waiting to be finished.
These pages are not in order by dates/months just as I got them done. I found I had to be in the mood for some and some needed a few tries to get it done. So I'm going with it and posting.
Click on the images to see/read them better. Hope you enjoy them, it's been a long time coming.
This page has the challenge to use pattern, it's blue/green/blue/green etc and to use candid and posed shots in the same layout. LOVE THIS PAGE!!
here were the days leading up to school, LOVE that I left the right side as it is, in the past I cover those up with some pictures. See that green card, I love that card now and used it several times.
Used challenge to get family photos and the candid/posed challenge
I LOVE LOVE this one so much! The challenges were to make it fit and tricky page protector design. I don't like this kind of protector, it's too mixed up for me but for a single page on one subject, LOVE the results. Also it matched the right side cover page for September.
I LOVE LOVE this page!! It's simple and so perfect to me!
I used two challenges for this, one was to finish up a pack of something, like stickers or word art. I was going to skip this challenge since I don't add things to my pages then remembered these cards and how I love them but don't know what to do with them. So I made a page just for them which went well with the page of sunrises/sunsets I had. For this page I used a pattern, the pink cards. I also didn't want these gorgeous pictures next to our everyday colorful busy ones so this was perfect.
This one has no challenges, just got it done
LOVE LOVE THIS!! It was one of the first ones I did in August. This has a few challenges, go monochrome (green) and especially for me it was to tell a story on our mind. I've loved this picture and knew I had to write about it. Love how it came out. Used the tricky protector too.
This was  fun page, pretty colors! Challenge was cover it up, I used the title cards from the kit and covered up part of the design/word I didn't need with a picture. Did it 3 times here. Also the left side is the challenge event, YAY!
Here is another one done in early August. LOVE THIS! Used the monochrome challenge (blue)
I love this one too, the left is Kristin's last month on mission trip in China. On the right side I used a pattern challenge black/green/black. LOVE!
This is a personal favorite, LOVE!! Renee's prom! Used the challenge, event and tricky protector.
Thankfully the pictures for the next week matched up with the tricky protector I used above. I didn't even plan that so glad it worked. That's one reason I don't like using the other styles. Neither of these pages are a favorite, just calling them done. I do like the cards on the right side though, from Dawn.
I love this one, the pink sticky notes are from the pages to remind me of the challenges I did.
Used the monochrome on the left and pattern on the right. Also the challenge to repeat what works for me its 8 4x6 pictures and a journal card for each one. I try to do this as much as possible.
This page took forever, I finally made it two separate ones instead of one matching page. I've had to do that a lot and I don't like it. The challenge pictures of family is used here and posed/candid.
LOVE THIS ONE! A cute mini page of Kristin's birthday we had once she got home. Used the challenges, event, pattern, tricky page
Love how this one came out, had to work a bit but like it now. Sorry for the glares.
Used the challenge I didn't think I could use on the left bottom sunset photo, layer cards. YAY! This just kind of happened without planning it, cut up two word strips from other cards and layered them on to this one. LOVE!  On the right side bottom right is a dig deep and tell a story on your mind. This one was on having ice cream with my sister Annie. That's two stories I wanted to really tell about her and I spending time together. So glad I told these stories.
This one I just did today and really had to play and work on it. I'm not thrilled but yet I like it. Click on image to see it better plese, some cute stories/pictures are here. No challenges. Just done!
I'm going to stop for now and do a second part in the next few days. If you read all of this THANK YOU!! It's been so good to catch up yet again, not sure how it happens but it does.
Thank you Megan again for inspiring me so much in life, photos, stories and challenging ourselves.
There is a total of 17 pages here Megan! Wait till I do the second part and will get my TOTAL then.  


  1. Oh Dawn! I absolutely love your gorgeous PL pages! All of them are amazing and I cannot wait to see your next post!! And thanks so much for visiting my blog. YES!! John, Anne, and I watched the Middle! We loved it and I laughed and cried at the end, too. Oh my gosh - when she told her dad that she loved him - I cried like a baby! And I LOVE her new hair style. I bet she is a beatuiful girl in real life, too! Now I cannot wait to see next week!
    I will most definitely keep your grandmother in my prayers. It must be a very difficult time for all of you, but I know that you did what is right for her and for you. You are such a loving a kind family. HUGS to you, my friend! Sharon

  2. Yay for all the fabulous PL pages! Can't wait to see more!
    I just did some for September yesterday, but have yet to post my August pages, a little behind on posting.
    Thanks for your kind and encouraging words for my post dear friend, it mean so much to me! THANKS!

  3. I am absolutely blown away by these pages..great job! how on earth do you go back and remember everything to do these pages? I was just thinking about how badly I need to catch up but I honestly don't think I could tell you when things happened!! I do organize my photos digitally by month so there's that but I forgot so many things!!!

  4. So you had vacation at Salt Fork State Park? Trying to remember if I've been there...for the most part I love Ohio's state parks! That was quite a drive for you.... Love all your pages, and isn't it great when the photos and page layout match up?! I get frustrated when I have the pages with vertical slots and no photos to go in there...well, at least in the right order. I try to go in order of when stuff happened, but sometimes you gotta get creative. You are inspiring me to get my pages caught up! hugs...♥