Sunday, September 6, 2015

T stands for Thank you !

Hello and Happy T Day! I'm posting early since I won't be around Monday to do so, thanks Elizabeth for linking me up. So glad I could be here again this week. Thank you for the wonderful comments on my Hello and sunflowers post. I love sharing fall so much. It still feels HOT HOT here but I know fall will be here before we know it.
I received a special surprise in the mail, PRETTY sunflower theme Project Life cards. They are perfect for my album and my sunflower pictures. So glad there is 5 so I can split them up and save one just to admire in my craft space.  These lovely cards came from another T girl here, Dianne she made them after seeing my sunflower garden post awhile back.  THANK YOU so much, these totally made my day and I was SO surprised to get them. Each one is special and I love them!
Here is the page I made with one of them. The top journal card, I decided to add my mandala from last week to the page too. My first fall harvest page of the year, YAY!! I know the coloring is off but believe me it's beautiful in real life. Click on it to see better if needed.
Here is another page, this one is in my Week In the Life album (still working on it). Love all the different colored ones here and included this card she made. I need to add journal somehow to this page but don't really want to write on this pretty card, still working on that part.
Thanks again Dianne for the surprise!! Now we wait for fall to get here, lol.
For my beverage/cup for T Day, the vase that flowers are in is all I have to share today, sorry. I haven't taken any photos of my cups this week, will do better for next time. Please visit our wonderful hostess Elizabeth and gang to see what everyone is up too and drinking this week.
Take care, I'll be around to visit on Tuesday and Wednesday!


  1. It's been 100 F here two days in a row, so it just goes to show that September is often as hot as August. Wow, that was SO sweet of Dianne to make those cards for you. She's a real sweetie.

    Glad I could link you because it's been a nightmare here. I got my T post in about three minutes before 4 today. Nothing like waiting till the last minute.

    Love those sunflowers, as always, and thanks for sharing the lovely cards Dianne made with us for T this week.

  2. Very beautiful cards from a fine friend :D We love sunflowers around here and Wee Man likes to try and grow a tall one each year but the weather has been so poor it hasn't even reached 5foot. Maybe next year will be better.
    Happy T Day :D

  3. Beautiful! There is just something about sunflowers that just has to make your smile.

  4. AHHHHHH... Sunflowers ♥♥♥♥♥ Love them! Beautiful cards that Diane made you :)

  5. WOW! That Dianne is fantastic to send you such glorious sunflowers.

    Yes, I'm waiting for fall to arrive too, my favorite time of year.

    Happy T-day

  6. Love your sunflowers, they are always such happy looking flowers. Enjoy your week away, and happy T Day, Valerie

  7. Hi Dawn! WOW! What a lovely thing to do! Dianne is such an amazing friend - the cards she made are absolutely beautiful! I love the pages that you made so far, my friend! Thank you for sharing your "T" Day with all of us. I cannot believe that it is September 8th already and the official end of summer. Anne started school last week, but had yesterday and has today off for the Labor Day holiday. Thank you so much for your lovely visit to my blog, too! We are looking forward to "The Middle" starting again this year to see what happens with their crazy family! I hope all is well with yours!!! Take care. Hugs!

  8. Oh that was so sweet of Dianne! The sunflowers are gorgeous!
    The children here in Andalucia go back to school on the 10th. So that officially marks the end of summer. But the weather is usually T-shirt weather right through October.
    Have a lovely Tuesday,

  9. sunflowers are so what you did with them and how nice of Dianne to send you some special goodies! Happy T day Dawn!

  10. I love sunflowers, so bright and cheerful :) Happy T Tuesday!

  11. So glad you shared Dianne's gift Dawn. They are lovely and perfect for your book. Its hot here too but with a promise of rain and cooler weather later in the week. Have an absolutely fabulous T day! Hugs! deb

  12. aww...didn't realize I would get so much attention over a few cards. It was fun making them and I'm so glad you are enjoying them! Your pages turned out so nice, and the photos of the real sunflowers are fabulous! hugs, ♥

  13. aww...didn't realize I would get so much attention over a few cards. It was fun making them and I'm so glad you are enjoying them! Your pages turned out so nice, and the photos of the real sunflowers are fabulous! hugs, ♥

  14. Love your sunny PL spread, and tell me about HOT! : 0
    I can't wait for summer to be over here in Las Vegas!

  15. What sweet, cheery gifts, Dawn!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  16. Wonderful sunflowers!
    Happy T-Day!

  17. How thoughtful and generous of Dianne to send you those lovely cards and now you've created special pages with them that will remind of sweet summer moments and more.
    You are so right Dawn...the seasons come and go so quickly.
    Happy T Day to you oxo

  18. I see that you and I are both thinking about sunflowers today. :) How nice to get those pretty cards from Dianne, and they fit with your PL photos perfectly. Happy T Day!

  19. I LOVE Sunflowers! Their yellow & brown "faces" make me smile & make me happy! :)
    Grandma Nancy in central IL

  20. Beautiful cards!Today I participated in an activity rather different. We had to choose a flower. Guess which one I chose!Sunflowers!I love them!Happy T Day!

  21. Lovely cards from Dianne. You have done a wonderful job of combining them with the Sunflower pictures.
    Have a lovely weekend